Staying Healthy in Mind and Body with Nature Walks

It is beautiful weather these days and it is literally screaming for endless walks. So I discovered a wonderful place for long and exciting walks in a nature reserve near to the place where I stay in northern Germany: the nature reserve of Siebektal, Kreuzkamper Lake District and Forests.

I am very glad that in Germany it is recommended to go often for long walks in order to boost the immune system. Plus a healthy diet, we have a great basis to resist to all kind of virus.

The other day I just got into my car and drove around with no real destination. I just stopped in a place that seemed interesting and I discovered it was a little nature reserve with lots of woods and countless little ponds. I only later discovered more about the place.

The reserve was established only in 2015 and is located in the district of Ostholstein near to Lübeck. The area has 209 hectares, has two forests, leaving them in a natural condition and mainly of beeches, a lot of wet meadows, marshland and ponds and pools. I found out that they even made a book of the place with a lot of nature photos.

I had a long walk in the woods, listening to the many birds. At a certain point a deer crossed my walk-way and later I found a high seat where I spent a little time as well, just relaxing, listening to a wood-pecker and the many birds. I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon in sun-filled woods, and I am looking forward to walking again there.

Are you doing anything particular to stay healthy these days? Or just what you always do? Are you allowed to stay outside? Let me know in a comment below!

Let’s walk together!

Nature Reserve Siebektal, Kreuzkamper Lake District and Forests, Schleswig-Holstein/Germany:

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Freezing Cold Images

It is still cold but very sunny and the perfect weather to have healthy walks. As I need always to do something, I take my camera nearly on every walk with me. This way I am ready when there is something to shoot, to make something unforgettable with an image.

Today I had a walk on the beach. Only a few people, due to the cold, very windy weather, I would say, not really because of the situation. It was freezing cold with wind from the East, but also lovely and worth every breath I took. I felt so much better after.

Breathe the cold air, it’s Yoga for your lungs!

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Dreaming away from CoronaVirus

A beautiful sunny day, not many people around (I guess also because of the ice-cold wind), and me looking out for the first spring flowers. Which are not that ‘first’ as they bloom already for a while. Crocus are nearly done with their cycle, but still there are many ‘carpets’ full of them.

In the wilderness I discovered the other day the first thimbleweed. When the little white and pinkish anemone heads show up, spring knocks on the door.

A flower or better a tree that always and every year fascinates me, is the Japanese cherry-tree. The delicate pink of these huge trees is just amazing. Especially in moments the wind starts to blow and it is snowing pink pedals.

But also the so common daisy starts again to appear in the lawns, and I am looking forward to huge daisy meadows. In Italy, you find them often. The smell is very particular and intense, you just want to lay down and breathe deeply.

I have difficulties taking nice pictures of daffodils. Maybe because of the similar word? Well, I have to try harder maybe… I am still in time, they are starting to bloom now.

Come with me and celebrate spring!

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A Weekend of Open Pottery Workshops

Pottery artists invited everyone to visit them in their workshops on the second weekend of March. People have the possibility not only to admire and buy handmade pottery, but also to talk to the artists themselves and to learn a lot about their work. Many of them also offer workshops where one can learn and make their own pottery items. This is a great occasion to understand what kind of pottery you like and you would like to learn as well.

Who follows my blog for a while, knows I love the ‘Open Ateliers’ during summer. Every time I am in Germany, I follow that event. This year I found out there is an ‘Open Pottery Workshops’-event. Last weekend we went around to see a few.

The ‘Open Pottery Workshops’ is a nationwide event, not only in one restricted region. So literally there are hundreds and hundreds open in whole Germany. I didn’t even know that so many pottery artists exist. We chose five in all, two in Hamburg and three in Schleswig-Holstein.

The first day we went an afternoon to Hamburg to see the pottery workshops of Nana König Design and Karin Pralow. Both are situated in a little village called Moordeich right to the Hamburg harbor area. The village has beautiful old houses, a little church and seems to be very idyllic.

Both of them have a different way of pottery. Nana König has a very fine and delicate design for household items like plates, mugs, vases and fine decorations. Many of her items are made with paper porcelain (clay mixed with shredded paper or other fibers which make a very lightweight and strong material).

Karin Pralow’s Keramikwerkstatt Die Tongrube instead has a funny view for garden decoration. Her little figures are dragons, obese woman in swimsuits, garden fence toppers or funny interpretations of parasol stands.

After this we went to Schwarzenbek which is halfway between Lübeck and Lauenburg, my usual way I go when I visit a friend in Lauenburg. Here Christel Brumme has her workshop Töpferei LebensKunst. She is definitely the one I liked most. She has such an inspiring garden, full of the most beautiful, funny decoration ever. I love her birdfeeders! But also her garden figures are colorful and a humoresque view of life. I would love to do a workshop with her.

The next day we went to Husum for the crocus blossom in the castle grounds. But on the way back we visited a workshop in Friedrichstadt. The little town is famous for its roses in spring and summer in the old cobbled streets but we wanted to see the art of Maria Ziaja. Her workshop TonAlto is dedicated to the most beautiful blue I have ever seen. She makes utilitarian pottery and uses only three colors: the incredible light blue, a kind of beige and some grey (if I remember well). Have a look at her cataloge to get an idea. Her husband seems to be an artist as well and makes very particular sculptures.

The last one we visited, was Anne Hümme of the Töpferei Hümme in the stork village Bergenhusen. I do have a friend there but I didn’t meet her, no time and especially because I was with a bunch of friends. She also produces utilitarian pottery, more a rustic style, great for country houses and typical for the northern part of the country, in my opinion.

I enjoyed every single pottery workshop for the work but also for the really nice talks we had with the artists.


For further information:
Here is a list who is participating nationwide at the Tag der offenen Töpferei (in German)

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A Carpet of Saffron in Husum

Husum is a little town at the North Sea, not too far away from the Danish border. Every year the city organizes the Crocus Blossom Festival in March. An explosion of purple saffron flowers!

It is years I want to go and see this spectacular moment, not necessarily the festival itself, though. So last weekend three friends and I took off to see this beautiful moment. The blossom would be in the castle grounds.

We are in the middle of the Corona-virus-craziness but still we can go out, though all festivals are cancelled. So the four of us decided to drive to the other side of Schleswig-Holstein, to the rougher North Sea, and have a look what it is all about.

Husum itself is a little town with a nice port. And a castle! In the castle park there we found the violet or purple blossom of millions of crocus. They form a carpet, here and there some white crocus or even daffodils breaking the unique color.

We walked through the beauty, taking pictures at all angles, near, far, lying on the ground, from the top, single, the whole beauty. Many people were walking here, enjoying the amazing moment of the bloom.

While I walked and shot one photo after the other (just to sit at home for hours to decide which one to display on the blog) I thought: crocus is the flower where the saffron comes from. The stigmas are the ones picked and dried and then sold as spice. Half a kilo/one pound of saffron spice means 70.000 crocus flowers and 200.000 stigmas! Handpicked! That is the reason why it is so expensive.

Well, but we enjoyed just the beauty of the flowering. Later we went to the port and had a perfect fish dish for a late lunch. In the restaurant we found a beautiful wall painting of Husum.

Enjoy the photos!

Husum, Schleswig-Holstein/Germany:

For further information:
A little bit more about Husum (in German)

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