Abandoned Mansion, Amazing Beauty – Villa Nölle in Grunewald

Some time ago I had a wonderful day in Berlin, Germany. I had to do some business to do there and was the same moment invited by a wonderful person who wanted to show me a great architecture, the wide alleys and the grandeur of the old and modern city.

When I think about Berlin, I see in front of my inner eye modern buildings, the Jewish monument reminding the Holocaust, incredible huge shopping malls like the KaDeWe, some river and streets like in the USA: wide, 4 lanes and never ending traffic. In two words: all what I don’t like.

But that wonderful person showed me around for an entire day to the places that make the city really beautiful. Alleys after alleys I saw big buildings full of history, from different eras, I love the Gründerzeit (Founding Epoch Architecture style). We drove through varies districts for hours and still I haven’t seen a third, she told me. We saw wonderful front gardens, fenced with wonderful wrought iron fences and gates, mansions that seem to be castles in the neighborhood of modern insignificant looking bungalows.

One of the most intriguing mansions, villas was the castle-like Villa Nölle. Abandoned, half fallen into ruin, surrounded by a wild looking front garden, but so much full of mystery, history and beauty.

I couldn’t resist and had to take some photos. And at home I had some research about it, of course.

The mansion is situated in the Grunewald district which is already known for being one of the best parts of the city. The first owner was a certain Franz Pietschmann. Ernst Nölle who was involved in the steel industry bought the place in 1899 and built the mansion in the following years. He lived in the mansion with his wife and their five children. I just can imagine the joy of playing in the huge park-like garden just right to a lake, the Dianasee.

The villa was sold already in the twenties, then several times again. A master painter bought the house in the seventies and refurbished it with love and passion for the place.

Today the owner is a Russian woman who is not doing anything to the house which is going back into ruin unfortunately. It’s really a pity!

Very interesting is the gate design with rose leaves and – so it seems to me – grapes. Also, we found a plaque that says ‘Rosenbaum Museum’. The clock on top of the entrance door looks like a station clock.. very strange!

Thank you, Regina, for that lovely day together and all your patience with me and passion with your city! I definitely changed my feelings about Berlin!

Villa Nölle, Winklerstr. 10, Berlin/Germany:

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Visiting Thumper, the Bunny, and Shaun, the Sheep

Here we are again: Easter is here, many countries celebrate these days, many others have maybe a liturgical celebration and nothing else. For me it is every year the celebration of life. I celebrate spring, the new life of nature. Flowers are coming out everywhere, most of the birds that are already here, are very busy to (re)construct their new homes for their little ones, sun starts to come out longer and warmer and the nature starts to be bright and colorful.

In this period I love to go to Easter markets, to walk in forests and to prepare my home with lots of flowers and even more spring decoration.

I leave you with some nice photos of Easter markets and spring and wish you …



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A Cupcake for my Easter Bunny

Carrot cake has, honestly, never been on the list of my favorite foods. But some time ago I tried a piece and I thought that it is not thaaat bad. Actually, moist and tasty. So why not to try that once also at home? The best time to do it: when Easter bunny is coming around of course!

So a few days I read some recipes, gluten-free, paleo, with wheat flour…. and made my own version. The first batch came out nice and moist, the second I forgot a little bit and had them too long in the oven. But still they are tasty and perfect with tea or coffee.

The carrots you can grate by hand or also put in a food processor – which is much easier obviously. I would grate them relatively fine, too rough they are too ‘vegetable-like’ in a cake. The batter should be something between creamy and semi-runny. You can pour the batter into the cupcake forms.

I like very much the hazelnut flavor that comes just lightly through when you eat the cupcake. For decoration, I prepared some orange glaze, a really perfect combination in my opinion. Not only for the orange color but also for the taste. The little carrots I bought ready, and they are made of marzipan or almond paste.

My carrot orange cupcakes are perfect for an afternoon tea or coffee in the garden or on the balcony but also when you want to offer your friends something different from the usual chocolate muffin.

Have some carrots!

Carrot Orange Cupcakes
Carrot Orange Cupcakes
Print Recipe
Servings Prep Time
15 cupcakes 25 minutes
Cook Time
20 minutes
Servings Prep Time
15 cupcakes 25 minutes
Cook Time
20 minutes
Carrot Orange Cupcakes
Carrot Orange Cupcakes
Print Recipe
Servings Prep Time
15 cupcakes 25 minutes
Cook Time
20 minutes
Servings Prep Time
15 cupcakes 25 minutes
Cook Time
20 minutes
Servings: cupcakes
  1. Preheat the oven to 350°C and prepare the cupcake tin.
  2. In a medium bowl add the eggs and the honey and with a hand-mixer mix until the honey-egg is creamy.
  3. Now add all the remaining ingredients one after the other while you continue to mix. The dough will be soft and creamy.
  4. Fill all the cupcake forms 2/3 high and bake for 20 minutes. The cupcakes are ready when a toothpick inserted in the middle come out lightly moisture.
  5. Let the cupcakes cool out on a cooling rack and decorate as you like.
Recipe Notes

Be careful not to over-bake the cupcakes. They should be moist.

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Spring 2019 in Collages and Photos

Spring is every year for me one of my favorite moments and I enjoy the cold, crispy air, the sunshine and especially the clear air. Perfect for photography in nature.

I am sometimes very brave and get out of the house already early in the morning just after waking up. Mostly I get up around 6 o’clock (summertime which would be 5 o’clock at legal time) and go in the garden to prepare the wood for my fire place. That way an hour later I have a warm and cozy house. Perfect to start my day with a coffee and at the computer to have a look around on pages I follow.

I am currently located in Germany and so I go out to the beach with a friend who is couriously getting out of her comfort zone, too. Or I just have a walk by my own. I love that very much, to listen to the birds, to ‘hunt’ for perfect shots.

Here is my collection of this year spring walks, some in collages. I like collages very much, they show many beautiful pirctures in one.

Enjoy some more!

Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein/Germany:

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Typical North German Food – Bay Shrimp

Very typical food in North Germany, but also in the Netherlands, Denmark, England, Belgium and France, are shrimp. And I don’t mean the shrimp that many know in most of the other countries. I am talking about a little tiny one, the Crangon Crangon. The Caridean shrimp is found in the North Sea, but also in the Baltic Sea, Irish sea and even in the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea. They have common names like brown, Grey or common shrimp. I guess in Canada and France they are more know with the name Crevette.

They are not longer than 5 cm and less (1-2 inch) and are food for many sea animals and birds. They have long antennae and a little bi-forked tail. During daytime, they hide in the sand. I remember when I was a child my mother very often bought these little delicatessen and was sitting in the evening listening to the evening news and peeling them. Sometimes it happened I was sitting near to her, and so she wondered why the shrimp never got more. I was eating them when she was concentrating on the news. I always loved them.

In Germany, especially the region of Schleswig-Holstein, Büsum and Friedrichskoog are the main places for shrimp drought. Until the 18th century the drought was done by horses. They carried the nets along the sandy beaches. In Belgium, it is still done in some touristic places. The shrimp are cooked right away on the beach and then sold unpeeled. Nowadays they are caught with bottom trawling from fisher boats (in German called ‘Krabbenkutter’ = shrimp cutter).

After caught the fishermen clean the nets from other fish which go back into the sea alive. The shrimp instead are cooked immediately on the boat. They turn from brown when alive to pink when cooked. Many fisher sell their catch when they come back into the port. The rest goes to machines to assort by size and then to countries like Poland, Russia or Morocco for peeling. The law says it is not allowed anymore to do this in homework like it was done until a few decades ago. As this is a blog and I say my opinion: I don’t understand the logic why hands of our own people are more ‘unhygienic’ than hands from Morocco, Poland or Russia. But laws are better not to discuss like politics, religion and fashion.

There are many ways to eat the little shrimp. Here it is typical to eat them in a roll, the so called ‘Krabbenbrötchen’. Also, possible on a slice of toasted bread or a dark rye bread slice with butter. For breakfast or as a snack you can order in restaurants scrambled eggs with shrimp. I just love love shrimp cocktail, shrimp served with a thousand island dressing on lettuce. Shrimp soup is also a restaurant dish, oftentimes made with cream. In some regions you can find shrimp aspic (Porren in Suur), fish stock and gelatin. In Lübeck there is a restaurant in the basement of an old abbey called ‘Kartoffelkeller’. It’s a restaurant specialized in potato dishes. Order an oven potato with cream cheese and shrimp. Delicious! ‘Krabbensalat’ is like chicken or tuna salad but instead with shrimp. In many fish recipes there are shrimp as side dish or garnish.

Today when I come back to Germany one of the first things I eat are shrimp. I like them plain, but also on a slice of ‘paleo’ bread or very often I just mix them in my salad. Sometimes I have them with potatoes and butter, salt and parsley. The other day I had a couple of hard-boiled eggs with shrimp and some flax seed oil on top. So delicious! Sometimes I am sorry that there are no other places where I can eat them but then I think it is great that it is like that because this way they are always something very special to me and I never overeat them.

If it happens you come to North Germany and you are a fish lover or just curious about different food: don’t miss eating a ‘Krabbenbrötchen’ or a shrimp soup!

In Travemünde near to Lübeck there is the best fish shop ever! It is no secret anymore as they are known worldwide and have been awarded many times. But they still are located in a very tiny shop and make all the salads and fish creations (and more) by their own. You can eat also fish soup and rolls with fish or shrimp even though they have just two tables to stay at. If you are in the region, they will give you a perfect North Germany experience! The shop is called ‘Fisch Wöbke’.

( I am NOT sponsored by the shop, it is my very own opinion!)

For further information:

Fisch WöbkeKurgartenstraße, 94

23570 Travemünde

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9 am – 6 pm
Saturday 9 am to 2 pm

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