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Again at the Castle of Schwerin

Wintertime rainy days. What to do? Let’s go to Schwerin and have a look again at the castle. It is always interesting and being with friends it is much more fun. This is no history lesson about the castle in … Continue reading

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Winter in Travemünde

Winter in Travemünde is cold, very often rainy but only sometimes ice-cold and snowy. Here are some photos that will give you an idea what a ‘real’ winter with ice-cold wind from the east would look like. Enjoy and keep … Continue reading

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Little Flake and the Girl – (A Short Winter Tale)

Once upon a time there was a little snowflake that was born on a cold December evening. Winter is the time when snowflakes come into the world. Little Flake was her name. Her mother was a raindrop and her father … Continue reading

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Shut In, Shut Out (A Duck Tale)

Hello, Oskar here. I want to talk to you again. My human family members came up with something new to complicate my existence. ENTRAPMENT! Yes, you read right: they locked me up! Every day I have to live confined to … Continue reading

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The Daily French Bread: Baguette

I love – like most of the Europeans – a crunchy bread crust. One of the very few things my sweetheart and I are completely the opposite, he loves the American fluffy bread. I even differentiate for what I want … Continue reading

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