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Bread like Fresh from Your Favourite Bakery – Psyllium Bread

Psyllium is a plantago plant. Its seeds are used like fiber husk against constipation or diarrhea, but also as thickener. I found a recipe for bread and am amazed of the outcome. On Ash-Wednesday I decided to start a fasting … Continue reading

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Slowly Nature Awakes – Spring 2022

Spring is one of the most amazing seasons. Nature shows every year again that from apparently dead environment life comes again. Winter has not been particularly cold, there was nearly no snow, just a couple of weeks ago for a … Continue reading

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River of Times (A Mystery Story) – Where do I come from, where am I going?

She was lying on a rather uncomfortable bed, although it wasn’t really uncomfortable at all, but rather unusual. The pad was made from straw, covered with a thick linen sheet. She herself was covered with a wool-cover. The pillow filled … Continue reading

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Sheep Invasion

In Italy sheep are still living the old way in many parts of the Abruzzo region. There is a shepherd, his guardian dogs, a couple of working dogs and of course a lot of sheep. They go where the grass … Continue reading

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Healthy Eating with Homegrown Vegetables

There are many ways to eat healthy but the best maybe is with homegrown vegetables and fruits. Especially when they are not treated with any chemicals, grown in the permaculture style, healthy for humans and environment. After a long time … Continue reading

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