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Apple Walnut Cake and a Life Lesson

A couple of years ago I lived in a place with a walnut tree. Small but every year the tree gave me a lot of walnuts. So the last year I lived there I made walnut paste. It’s a good … Continue reading

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The Year of Covid19: 12 months in 2020

What a year has it been? When it started there were the usual plans of travel and I was looking forward to spring and to be outside with a vibrant social life. Then there was news from Wuhan about a … Continue reading

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River of Times (A Mystery Story) – Questionable Kitchen Work

She was sitting on a wooden bench, slightly freezing, with a cloak around her shoulders. It was scratchy on her skin, but at least it gave a little warmth. In front of her stood a clay cup with steaming tea, … Continue reading

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Parrozzo – A Traditional Cake of Abruzzo

Parrozzo is a traditional Christmas cake from the Pescara region in the Abruzzo, central-east Italy. The today cake was once a bread made with corn flour and baked in the woodstove. Traditionally the Parrozzo was called ‘pan rozzo’, which means … Continue reading

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Homemade Sauerkraut – Ancient Preserving

Sauerkraut is white fermented raw cabbage. The taste is sour and it is a thousands of years old way to preserve food during winter-time. It’s full of healthy goodness and one of the best foods to eat for a strong … Continue reading

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