Fast and Fabulous Breakfast: Shakshouka

Shakshouka is a tomato based stew from the Middle East and North Africa. Easy and fast, it is a perfect light but still satisfying dish.

Just a few ingredients – tomatoes, onions and/or garlic, spices and eggs – make a perfect breakfast or even a main dish. It has a lot of good fat (olive oil), yummy and healthy spices and proteins. An ideal start into the day!

I do intermittent fasting, I think already two years now, and eat only in the morning hours, sometime between 8 am and 12 am. That’s it. After experimenting which period is best for me, I decided for the morning hours as I am most of the times at home, normally never go out before 10 or 11 am and this time I don’t think about eating anymore for the rest of the day. Also: I don’t feel food overloaded, my body can do the work of digestion and still has a lot of time to heal if there is anything. Eating is in our civilized world much more than over-valued in my opinion. And: aging means very often also less calories we need and so reducing them is no bad decision as well. Most of the people in their 70s eat the same amount (and crap) of food they had when they were only 20 years old. Fasting in addition is one of the healthiest things we can do to our bodies.

Long story, short meaning: Most of the time I eat around 9 to 10 am some savory dish and maybe an hour later some fruits or anything more ‘indulgent’. A very fast and easy dish is Shakshouka which needs only a few ingredients most of the time I have at home: olive oil (extra virgin and organic of course), onions and garlic (I use both), some tomatoes (best are the bigger ones like San Marziano or Cuore di Bue (beef or beefsteak tomato in English/American) and eggs. You can use whatever spices, I like salt, pepper, a little nutmeg, curry, sometimes harissa. Just before ready, I put a couple of eggs in the tomato stew and poach them lightly. I like them as less cooked as possible.

Who likes and tolerates cheese can add some feta. Or how about some minced lamb? In Turkey they scramble the eggs. I had some hummus and had it together with the dish. As I don’t eat bread, I enjoyed the dish right the way it is.

It’s definitely one of my favorite dishes. It has the fat I need as fuel but also proteins to get started in an active day.

Print Recipe
Print Recipe
  1. Put a pan on the stove, switch on the fire and let it warm a little bit. Put in the olive oil, garlic and onion. Let all glaze a little bit.
  2. Now add the diced tomatoes, stir and let it cook until the tomatoes and onions are soft and nice.
  3. Add salt and pepper to taste, stir and add the eggs. Cook the eggs as long as you like them. Be aware: the eggs will continue cooking when you switch off the stove.
  4. Serve warm with fresh baked homemade bread.
Recipe Notes

Some like scrambled eggs instead of poached. It is all to your taste.

The breakfast dish is also great on toasted bread slices.

Best if served immediately.

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Snacks in the Wind – Lupinus

Lupins are a legume plant with nearly 200 species. Colorful they found their way in our gardens as ornamental plants, but also on our plates.

Lupins are very popular in the Mediterranean area where you find them as antipasto or snack. Also in the Andes region of South America they are again used for food after they disappeared with the Spanish invaders. In the Roman empire it was one of the most popular foods. Seeds are soaked in water and then cooked, roasted or dried to make flour.

I used a few times lupin flour in bread and pancakes, always mixed with other flours. Many use it as a good substitute for chickpea flour for example. When you see a package just buy it and experiment! How about a ‘farinata’ of lupin flour?

The flour of course is gluten-free and has a lot of protein.

I didn’t want to cook with lupins, I just wanted to take some nice photos. They are blooming everywhere right now and are together with poppies, daisies and cornflowers a beautiful early summer flower.

What do you think?
(Do you find the intruder?)

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Gourmet Dish: Fried Chicken Liver with Wine

A very simple and quick way to cook liver that actually everyone will love! Chicken liver doesn’t even have a strong liver taste like from beef. Plus: it is a real gourmet-recipe.

Liver is always a greatly discussed organ meat. Gibs are very healthy, but in the western society often forgotten. Many people think, giblets are unhealthy, ‘dirty’ and disgusting. I remember myself as a child to hate ‘that stuff’. And especially liver! But then I learnt how to cook chicken liver and – as I am always curious to try also food I once didn’t like – to my surprise I liked it very, but very much. Since then I changed my opinion about giblets and eat them much more often now.

Chicken liver is high in protein, a great source for vitamin B 12 and vitamin A as well as iron. And if cooked right it doesn’t have the strong ‘liver-taste’ like beef liver.

Of course like with all kinds of food, meat or fish it has to be organic. Never buy giblets of intensive animal farming!!! The hormones, penicillin and horrible food that those animal are forced to eat is all that returns into your body. So eat less and only healthy food. And gibs.

I made my chicken liver pan-fried. Little good olive oil, onions and garlic both minced, then the pieces of liver, all on high temperature stir-fried, then with a glass of red wine deglazed and when the wine is significantly reduced you add half a glass of olive oil. On lower fire and a lid on the pan you leave it for around half an hour, then lift the lid and leave it cooking for another 15 minutes that the sauce becomes thick and creamy.

Serve your super delicious chicken liver with fresh homemade bread. Or enjoy without anything else. How about some cauliflower rice? Interesting idea: put all in a blender and make a pâtè as hors d’oeuvre. If you can resist, leave the chicken liver on the stove over-night (covered with the lid) and warm it up the next day. Like all kind of stews and soups, during the night the dish gets the absolutely perfect flavor.

Let’s try this ‘new’ liver recipe!

Chicken Liver with Wine
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Servings Prep Time
2 portions 15 minutes
Cook Time
40 minutes
Servings Prep Time
2 portions 15 minutes
Cook Time
40 minutes
Chicken Liver with Wine
Print Recipe
Servings Prep Time
2 portions 15 minutes
Cook Time
40 minutes
Servings Prep Time
2 portions 15 minutes
Cook Time
40 minutes
Servings: portions
  1. Put a pan on the stove, switch on the fire and put some olive oil in the pan. Add the garlic and onion, stir with a wooden spoon and let all get a little glazed. Meanwhile wash the chicken liver and let the water get a little off.
  2. Add the liver in the pan and glaze the organ meat. When it is a little brown on all sides add the wine. Let the whole cook until the wine is more than half gone. Now add salt and pepper and the olive oil. Stir and put a lid on the top of the pan.
  3. Let all cook for around 30-35 minutes, have a look after 20 minutes if there is still enough liquid in the pan. If not, add more olive oil. NO WATER!
  4. The chicken liver is ready when the organ meat is soft and the taste is irresistible!
  5. Serve immediately with some fresh baked homemade bread, some wild rice or plain.
Recipe Notes

For the best taste ever leave it over night out of the fridge, just covered with the lid. 

If you serve on plates don't clean the pan immediately, take a piece of bread and clean the sauce out of the pan. Cook in heaven!

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Photo Marathon 2020 in the Rain

Every year in Lübeck there is a little photography event called Photo-Marathon. I did a couple of them, some with sending my photo in (even winning something) and some not. This year I was in Travemünde to participate.

It ended up that my friend enrolled herself into the photo-marathon, I didn’t. So she was the one to send the photos, I didn’t. But we shot the photos together. On a very rainy, stormy but pretty warm day. We had a lot of fun .. and wet clothes.

And here are my photos:

First topic: The usual Starting Number

No number, so it’s zero.

Second topic: The usual Selfie

In the mirror…

Third topic: How much is 1.5 m? (social distancing)

How tricky is this if you don’t want to shoot the everywhere measurements on the grounds in the city?

Fourth theme: Say it with flowers

OK, the flowers are not that clear on the photo, but the message is!

Fifth topic: ‘Verzieglich’ (refers to a goat)

Were are goats in Travemünde? I couldn’t find any than in the supermarket in the cheese section.

Sixth topic: Not everyone out of the frame was in the picture before

A frame and books, a frame and newspaper, a frame and … I chose a newspaper as in German they say ‘gebildet’ for instructed, though the German verb has the word ‘Bild’ (= picture) in it.

Seventh topic: Masks and other en-vogue-accessories

No one likes them but everyone has a fancy one. There is not even one shop of whatever which doesn’t sell masks! So en-vogue right now!

Eight topic: Walking pace

On a rainy day like this the pace is a little faster than on a sunny one!

Ninth topic: The best of the north

Definitely all fishy like Matjes (hering), the little shrimp, fish salads of all kinds, plaice and much more.

Tenth topic: Good for our climate

Bicycles are definitely good for the climate. Like also the many flower fields that are coming out right now.

Eleventh topic: A place near the water

I saw a few, but liked the nest of a swan family with the last remaining egg (empty I guess). But also the hammock on the beach looks so relaxing even on a stormy day like this.

And the last topic: Too many choices

I had a look into my favorite shop in Travemünde: Wöbke, the fish-shop. I was waiting to buy my lunch for today, but people were standing outside around the next corner even in the heavy rain. I can wait some more days for my next fish salads!

We started two times for this challenge. Both, on the way back, we took all the rain we could. We both, my friend on her bicycle and me walking, we had to change completely at home, twice. Not really the most relaxing day for outside leisure but for sure the more interesting, weather-wise, for photography.

Travemunde, Schleswig-Holstein/Germany

For further information:
Travemunde website

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Creating with Mud, Fantasy and Christel Brumme

Lebenskunst – Art of Life – is a place where you find the most intriguing pottery.

I have known about Christel Brumme when I came first here in March during the weekend of open pottery workshops. And I instantly fell in love with her way of pottery. As she is just an hour drive away from the place I live currently I enrolled the three of us (me and my two friends) for a weekend workshop. Unfortunately with the Corona-virus story it was dismissed. In the beginning of May Christel Brumme called me to tell me she is working again. We enrolled immediately again for a weekend course.

The day we had to go we were so excited and didn’t know what awaited us. I was the only one who worked with clay at least when I was a child. I never did again unfortunately. Two of us thought we would be a disaster. And in the end all the three of us created amazing pieces!

First day we learnt how to work the clay to get a structure. We all tried with a simple pitcher. Only the next day we could do the finishing of it (a little decoration). Then most of us started to create a bird-bath. Mine is more a deep plate only. But then we used the rest of the clay for little decoration figures. I created a funny looking fish and bird and another plate maybe for my food-photography pictures.

We had to wait another three weeks before all was kiln-fired. Then we could colorize all our pieces.

The day came and I was very excited to see my ‘babies’ again. I still liked them when I saw them waiting for me on a table. It took us not that long to say hello to each other, but a long consideration of the colors we wanted. Especially because the colors or pigments are often completely different to what they would be after another oven-session. We trusted Christel and started to paint. Most of the jugs/plates/figures looked very pastel, light-colored.

It took us nearly 4 hours before we finished, and in the end accelerating our brush-work. So I ended up to paint my little bird in black what I never planned and maybe to choose a color for the little plate that is not thought through right. But then: all will be so beautiful anyway because it is made by us and our very first work!

Only 4 days later we could come to see our babies and bring them home. They are kiln-fired again and the result is pretty different to what we left only a few days earlier.

We had so much fun doing and learning pottery and for myself: I would like to do many other objects. I am sure it won’t be the last time I worked with ‘mud’!

Here are our results!

Töpferei Lebenskunst, Schwarzenbek, Schleswig-Holstein/Germany:

For further information:
Töpferei Lebenskunst (in German)

Kollower Str. 3
21493 Schwarzenbek

Follow her on Facebook

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