Slowly Nature Awakes – Spring 2022

Spring is one of the most amazing seasons. Nature shows every year again that from apparently dead environment life comes again.

Winter has not been particularly cold, there was nearly no snow, just a couple of weeks ago for a few days. Not very much rain but many sunny cool days. I used the time to clean and build and do all sorts of work in the garden. Especially because there is still no real garden.

In the end of February I started to wish spring would arrive soon. Coldness is important for plants, animals and also for us humans. But the warmer weather is just a little nicer. And finally everywhere flowers show up, leaves are showing the first light green.

This way I found a wild or abandoned pear, apple, plum, apricot and peach tree. All flowering. The calendula is growing nearly everywhere, just such a joy to look at them and to listen the many insects getting their nectar.

Wandering around in the fields I found a lot of leopoldia comosa. A kind of muscari that of called lampascione. They are eaten in Italy. You can conserve them in oil. It is a delicacy. I should go and collect them.

Spring is knocking on the door and I really welcome this with a lot of joy.

Celebrate spring!

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