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I am glad you stopped by! This blog is about my travels, my passion in photography and my journey into a healthier and more satisfying lifestyle.

I am Heidi and I lived all my life in Europe, mainly Italy, Germany, some time in Greece, Turkey, Spain and Ireland. I feel European though I have a specific nationality on the passport. But what is nationality? We are all unique and no nation’s representative. 

Time ago I have been through a very rough time and afterwards I realized I was in a really bad condition, physically and mentally. To come out of it I started to change things in my life. The ‘easiest’ thing, I thought, is the diet. Though changing something in your life is never easy. But: when you have a health reason it is a good motivator! My motivator was a tumor.

Back in 2011, on a flight to a friend in the US, I decided to stop eating sugar and (bad) carbs. Hard, but I was determined. I came back to Europe after a few weeks and fasted for 3 weeks before trying an oil-protein-diet (Budwig-Diet). It took a while to feel changes in good. I tried a little bit everything: homeopathy, Brandon Bays, raw food energy massages, green smoothies. Somewhere on the way I found my way. I am  gluten and casein intolerant. I am healed completely now from tumor, migraine, constipation, broken nails/hair, bad skin and many other little things I didn’t know they were not normal.

Right now, in 2020, I adjusted my nutrition to a paleo-keto style with sometimes (healthy) carbs, I stopped using any beauty products (no shampoo, cremes, soaps etc), I clean my house only with vinegar and soda, make my own soap for the washing machine, walk always barefoot at home, try to shower with cold water and eat only in the morning hours (intermittent fasting). My dentist says I have the most clean teeth/mouth ( it is years I just brush my teeth). Best of all: I feel better than ever in my life, physically and mentally!

My languages are Italian, English and German.

I have a million hobbies, one is the photography. I have a lot of fun to shoot my food experiments and recipes. I guess you will find out soon!

Another passion is traveling. Originally I am a skilled tourist guide and worked in Ischia/Italy and Mallorca/Spain for many years. I quit my job in 2002 for a private reason, did translating jobs for a few years while learning about computer work and became a skilled online editor. But never lost my travel attitude.

Then there is studying, reading books, gardening, painting, restoring furniture, nature, animals, my friends, to go to the cinema … it’s easier to say what I am not interested in.

This blog for me is like a diary, where I put photos and adventures of my life. But also where I always go back for my recipes. And friends can see what I am doing, where I am, what is going on in my mind. Sometimes I have fun in my ‘Storyteller’ category, but the most I appreciate in this blog is the writing about my travels. I live them twice while working on the photos and do research I learn so much about the places, history, people, nature. My blog is a learning place.

I hope you will find interesting articles, maybe something you were looking for or just have fun to read some entertaining stories, relax while looking through my many photo-stories.

Thank you again for dedicating some time to me and my world. I would very much appreciate if you would leave a comment under the articles you visited. It is a nice way to say ‘Hello’.

I hope you like my blog and enjoy reading, maybe find something new or perhaps be inspired to change things in your life.



Please note:
All content on this blog, including the photography and short stories, is my own work, which means it is copyrighted with All Rights Reserved, unless otherwise noted. Please ask first before republishing or distributing any of my work! If you are interested in using texts or photographs please contact me. You may not use my work for commercial  or any other purposes without my permission. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work in any form.
The photos are not free for the picking to be republished in any form. A short email asking to use them would save you a lot of trouble and harassment.

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9 Responses to About me

  1. Christina says:

    So nice to “meet” you Heidi! We are quite similar, except for the food part! I have a terrible sweet tooth and am always fighting with it! 😉 I look forward to following along! CC

  2. Anna says:

    Very nice story, Heidi! I think we have much in common, but I find many difficulties to change completely the daily nutrition scheme, since I live with my 15 years old boy. Next time you are coming to Italy and would like to visit a very special and still unknown area – Montefeltro- I would be really pleased to meet you and be your personal guide in this area! Get in touch?????☕️☕️

    • crumbs on travel says:

      Thank you a lot Anna! I am currently back to Italy, Mombaroccio. Will keep you in mind, I’d loved to know your place! And I would liked to talk to you about my nutrition as well. Very easy and very inspiring! See you soon!

  3. Joanne Imwalle says:

    I sat next to you on the plane from Ireland to Sacramento. You were headed to San Diego to spend some time with your boyfriend. You were lovely to sit next to and share conversation. I hope your time in California is going well…and I hope I will meet up with you again….perhaps in San Diego were my high school friend now lives.

    • crumbs on travel says:

      Hi Joanne, great you found me here! Yes, it was a pleasure to sit together and have the time flying chatting together. My time here is running out again but will be back in fall. Hope to see you again, in San Diego would be great! Hugs…

  4. Julia Kritschmar says:

    Hallo Heidi,
    wir sind aus Deutschland, Berlin, und haben auch ein Haus in Abruzzo. Tolle Fotos und sehr schöner Blog. LG

    • crumbs on travel says:

      Hallo Julia, vielen Dank für Dein Kompliment! Ich hoffe, da kommt noch sehr viel dazu in Zukunft und vielelicht treffen wir uns dann mal in Abruzzo. A presto …

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