The Year of Covid19: 12 months in 2020

What a year has it been? When it started there were the usual plans of travel and I was looking forward to spring and to be outside with a vibrant social life. Then there was news from Wuhan about a virus that kills people and that they shut down the whole city – oh, so far away from us. That would never happen to us. Oops, a month later we were in the very same conditions and should show the world, we are obedient, too. The much more rebellious Western people all stayed home because they had fear to die. Media did a good work. It was the very first time I thought how lucky I am to stay in Germany as it was much less severe than in the country I wanted to be: Italy. Summer was still signed by Covid19, but we had all chances to move at least within Europe. Fall came, the attention got to the US election. And then: how much lock-down for Christmas-time?

It was by far one of the most strange years. It all didn’t effect me too much, I didn’t lost my work, I didn’t lost myself in fear, only everything was a little bit more difficult.

Nonetheless I made the best out of the year. Because of the always-must-wear-a-mask in shops I didn’t go fun-shopping anymore. I lost a bad habit I am not sorry about.

So let’s remember what I have done this year. Here are some of my favourite moments:

Maasholm is a peninsula east to Kappeln south of the border to Denmark. Once a little fishermen’s village today it is an exclusive center for vacation and a nature reserve. In January I visited the place together with a friend.

In February I bought a clay pot for stews but also for making bread. The best bread ever I made in this clay pot. So easy and so perfect. It will be always my favorite.

It’s a long time I wanted to go and see the carpet of crocus in Husum. There was no festival but still the millions of crocus blooming int the castle park. An absolute highlight!

This year in the park in front of the house I own an apartment there were a lot of Greylag geese, and they had goslings. Soooo sweet to see them grow!

A really great experience is the Greater Rhea in the wild. Especially when you are in Northern Germany!

Creating with clay was always something I liked. This June my two friends and I created unexpected beautiful objects in a unique experience with Christel Brumme.

In July I was finally able to go down to Italy to search for a place to stay. And I happened with the SUPER host I could wish, especially in such a crazy and difficult moment. Thank you for everything, Cinzia! I am glad we became friends!

In August I was again in the Arboretum. Every season is a highlight for flower lovers.

In late summer I had a chance to drive around in Abruzzo, what a beautiful region! High mountain range, just 30 km from there a blue sea. High waterfalls, endless forests, steppe, great food and nice people. And a lot of history like the Sistine Chapel in the mountains.

In October I was exploring the depth of the mountains. In the Grotte di Stiffe I found even a waterfall! Spectacular!

When winter came, the bad weather arrived together with another lock-down. Perfect time for reading a lot of books, staying cozy and some recipes like my yummy alice marinate, a great Italian antipasto.

In December I tried a rare Selfie, me baking ginger cookies. A photo for the Christmas Cookie Collection of this year.

2020 is gone and soon a new year will be welcomed. We all hope that 2021 will give us freedom again. ‘Nothing will be the same as before’, I think we should take the chance for a new start!

Happy New Year!

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