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A Canyon in the Middle of the City – Tecolote Canyon

San Diego is a city in the south of California and located in a desert-like area but on the Pacific ocean shore. Coastal sage scrub is one of the most common plants here. The city with it’s more than a … Continue reading

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The Big Carlsbad Village Faire

I love flea markets and thrift stores where I can find props, old used kitchen utensils, candelabras and endless much more. For decoration, for shooting with them or very often just using what I buy. I was thrilled when I … Continue reading

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Puxa – (Photo)Goodness of Wilderness by Kenda & Peter Francis

Puxa is the name of the exhibition a friend in San Diego is currently doing in San Diego. It is a photo exhibition about her and her husband’s weeks in the Pantanal area in Brazil. Pantanal is the largest inland … Continue reading

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Sunset in the Yard

I am currently again in San Diego for a short visit. They had an unusual winter with a lot of rain and the nature was ‘feeling’ it. Flowers everywhere and maybe also for a longer time. I am in San … Continue reading

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Simple Blueberry Lemon Cupcakes for a Special Friend’s Treat

I am currently in Germany where I have a very good and special friend. And as I like baking but not so much eating sweet treats, and she doesn’t like baking but loves eating sweets, I thought we could combine … Continue reading

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