Healthy and Delicious – Organic Olive Oil

Eat more fat! Maybe the most healthy fat you can eat is also the maybe most delicious one. Freshly pressed olive oil is full of vitamins and minerals and has a very rich taste.

In Italy we use to eat olive oil drizzled on a slice of rustic homemade bread, maybe with a hint of salt. Italians and most of the Mediterranean people are famous for eating mainly olive oil. Not because it is for their health but because they produce it, it has a great taste and it is versatile. Today we know it is one of the healthiest fats that exist.

I got some olive oil from a friend who has her own olive grove. Olive oil where the olives were collected in the morning and pressed and filled bottles or containers in the evening. When I opened it the next day it was grass green, unfiltered and thick. I tried a teaspoon and is was simply delicious. My friend said it would be a little sharp, bitter, but not for me. Maybe because I never eat sugar and my perception of taste is different. I tried it on homemade bread and just couldn’t stop.

Olive oil has to be first of all completely organic, no sprays, no chemicals at all. Collected in the right moment and as soon as possible be pressed, at least the very same day. Filled in dark bottles or containers. The oil is very green, all but clear, murky. Soon you will see an organic layer on the bottom. I just shake the bottle a little to get it re-mixed and then on my food. That is pure health!

EVOO is the healthiest one, it still has all the benefits of what nature offers us. Especially the plant nutrients or more scientific phytochemicals that protect you from cancer and heart diseases. Stroke protection and anti-inflammation thanks to the oleic acid. Looking for a good anti-aging food? Here it is: olive oil is packed with antioxidants. It’s also a good fighter against bacteria. In addition it helps you to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. It has also vitamins to give: vitamin E as antioxidant and vitamin K for your blood, plus omega 3 and 6. Hey, and olive oil can also improve your mood, it works as an anti-depressive. It’s a good cooking oil as well.

Did you know that olive oil is used also for making soap, was once used for oil lamps and is still used as medicine and in rituals. The healthy and tasty oil was produced already 8.000 years ago and traded during the Egyptian Dynasties. And did you know there is even a recipe for an olive oil cake? I didn’t try it yet, anyone did? Here are some of my recipes that uses olive oil extra virgin: sardelles in olive oil, bell pepper antipasto, eggplants in olive oil, chicken liver in wine and olive oil, asparagus pesto and fennel pesto. And last but not least my quick mayonnaise

There is no oil that is used more than olive oil I guess. You make pizza dough with it, you drizzle it on all kinds of salads, you bake and cook with it, you even can realize cakes and cookies with olive oil. A wonderful and personal gift is infused olive oil. If garlic, chili, lemon, rosemary or basil – prepare your own mix and leave it for a month in the olive oil. If you are in a place where you find truffle, than that is a very precious choice. Did you ever try spaghetti with oil and chili? One of my favorite!

I personally put olive oil nearly on and in everything. Every dish has olive oil, all salads are with olive oil, no soup without olive oil. I use for myself more than a liter per month. I used it many years also as sunscreen and for my hair. It’s always perfect.

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