A Glass of Cherry liqueur?

In the 13th century monks produced an infusion of alcohol with sugar and herbs as medicine. Today it is called liqueur and produced worldwide and has lost the healing aspect to a more pleasure enjoyment. Still there are many with herbs but also fruits and spices are a very good combination. Homemade it is a great way to preserve fresh fruits from the garden.

There are many possibilities to preserve fruits. I opted for a liqueur made of my cherries. Just three ingredients. Anything more appealing?

What in the beginning seemed so easy peasy was in the end a lot of work. I had to remove the stones of the cherries. It felt like ages before I had done all of them. One kilo of cherries gets one liter of alcohol. I used Vodka. And about 200 gr of honey. I filled all in a jar, closed with a lid and let the whole in a cupboard for two months. From time to time I shook the jar.

After the two months I filtered the now dark red liqueur transfering it into a new clean bottle, closed air-tight with a lid.

Now and then I have a little glass of homemade cherry liqueur. Perfect for Christmas time, great on ice-cream, nice to offer to visitors.

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