Puxa – (Photo)Goodness of Wilderness by Kenda & Peter Francis

Puxa is the name of the exhibition a friend in San Diego is currently doing in San Diego. It is a photo exhibition about her and her husband’s weeks in the Pantanal area in Brazil.

Pantanal is the largest inland wetland of the world and still pretty untouched. It is located at the borders to Paraguay and Bolivia and has a spread of nearly 200.000 km². It has a huge biodiversity and is flooded about 80 % during the rain season.

Kenda and Peter had a sponsored trip to the area and could shoot the many beautiful animals.

Wonderful photos of jaguars, hyacinth macaws, giant anteaters, several birds and monkeys and much more are shown in the exhibition which is also a fundraiser for the ‘Lions Tigers Bears of Alpine’, a sanctuary taking care of illegal animals. 60% of their sales of the Vernissage or Opening Day has been donated to the non-profit organization.

Both the photographers, Kenda and Peter, were at their opening to answer the many questions everyone had. We talked about the wetlands, the animal encounters they had and how some of the shots were done.

For me personally it was interesting to see how a professional exhibition looks like in the US. In the small gallery there are exposed around 30 photos of different sizes, all on sale of course and can be also ordered in different sizes.

I really enjoyed those photos and the many people that arrived during the one and a half hour I was there were the same way amazed like me. BTW: the snacks were good, too!

El Cajon, San Diego, California/USA:

For further information:
The exhibition adresse:
Studio C Gallery
128 East Main Street
El Cajon, California 92021

Exhebition: 4th of May to 25th of May 2019
opening hours: Thursday to Saturday 10 am to 2 pm, and by appointment

Kenda’s artwork homepage

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