Sunset in the Yard

I am currently again in San Diego for a short visit. They had an unusual winter with a lot of rain and the nature was ‘feeling’ it. Flowers everywhere and maybe also for a longer time.

I am in San Diego for a couple of weeks and found that the yard of the house of the man of my life is full of flowers. I look out of the kitchen window and see a long colorful flower bed. Another is full of herbs and the every-year-tomato plants are already super high and wild with a few tomatoes on. In the early evening light they look wonderful!

In addition, there are seemingly a hundred of yogurt pots filled with dirt and little plants, waiting for being transferred into better and deeper soil.

His outside cat watched me doing photography yoga and was not at all amused when I wanted to ‘shoot’ her as well.

Enjoy some impressions!

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