Photo Marathon 2016 in Lübeck – Travemünde

And I did it again! I did the theme walk through Lübeck, organized by the City Management of Lübeck. A photo shooting with topics and the possibility to win a lot of things, camera included.

A friend of mine got our bib numbers a few weeks ago and yesterday morning we started the photo competition at the market place of Lübeck. We got a memory chip and some other little presents aaaand the themes we had to shoot.

And here is my interpretation of the themes:

First topic: My Starting Number

Not really easy every year a new idea but doing our shooting in Travemünde I ‘built’ a number on the beach.

Second topic: A Selfie

On the beach, in the mirror…

Third topic: Calm is the Strength

This was a little challenging. Together with my friend we put some ideas down and ended with the famous stone column.

Fourth theme: Moments of Happiness

We had a walk on a handicraft market. I love Artisan craft work. And we found these funny wooden spoons.

Fifth topic: Hidden Paradise

We were looking for some nice garden full of flowers. But not really easy. So I came up with these postcards. Paradise seen by someone else.

Sixth topic: Lübeck Sounds

This was definitely the topic for Lübeck and the HanseKulturFestival (Hanseatic Culture Festival). But we found the right solution: a bell at a French fries stand.

Seventh topic: The Way to a Man’s Heart goes through his Stomach

The first time to rest in the whole morning! Of course I took a coffee. And look what the nice guys gave me.. a little cacao heart on the napkin and a chocolate mini muffin.

Eight topic: In the Beginning there was Water

We tried to enter the church because my idea was the baptismal font. OK, church closed, so what else? A fountain.

Ninth topic: Culture of Welcome

Tenth topic: Art or Trash?

Sometimes I ask myself what is art? Is it really art when subjects are just put one on the other? Or is it art when an artist creates something that not everyone can do easily.

Eleventh topic: Dancing in the Street

No dancers in the street. But we I found someone who danced for me 😀

Last but not Least the twelfth topic: My Favorite Subject

This is the every year ending topic. This time I found on my long walk through the village a mascot, so for this day it was my favorite subject.

After more than 5 hours walking up and down the village I took the train to Lübeck to deliver our photos. And I had a little walk there around the inner city to see what the Hanseatic Culture Festival offers. But that is another story…

Travemunde, Schleswig-Holstein/Germany:

For further information:
Travemunde website

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