Let’s get a Laugh – World Laughter Day 2020

There is a day for everything. And today it is the Day of Laughter and the Sun! Two different things apparently but they are very much connected as well. Sun gives life, laughter is vital. Not many maybe will know about these days, but I think both are worth a celebration.

The Sun Day was born in 1978 out of Jimmy Carter’s devotion for solar power. It is celebrated on the 3rd of May which this year is the same day of the Laughter Day. On its day many countries are promoting solar energy. Meanwhile the nowadays used energy resources are endangering the earth, solar energy is endless and not damaging anything. The Sun Day shall inform about the clean way for energy in our life and the many possibilities today. BTW: German techniques are with the Asian technique world-leaders.

The World Laughter Day is a symbol for peace, brotherhood and friendship. Dr. Madan Kataria, an Indian family doctor, founded the laughter yoga movement in 1998. It takes place on the first Sunday of May. He was convinced that laughter gives a powerful, positive emotion. Laughter changes a depressed personality in a positive one, increases lung health and the immune-system. Plus it brings people together. Did it ever happen to you that you saw someone laughing (and you didn’t know why) and you started to laugh as well after a few seconds? It is contagious like yawning! And don’t you feel so much better after a good laugh?

On this day people of the laughter movement meet in public places and at 2 p. m. they laugh for 3 minutes. Many videos are made, they are worth watching! Laughter clubs are around the world in more than 105 countries.

When did you have a real good laugh for the last time? Let’s laugh together and be happy for at least a few minutes. Positivity helps us to go through the daily mess and to see things in a more positive way. So: let’s have a laugh!

Do you remember this?

What kind of laughter do you have?

Something more …. dark?

And now learn how to practice the best stress relieve!

For further information:
Website for Laughter Yoga

Be sociable, tell others!
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