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Here you can find all ingredients I use. Click on a letter and you will go to the one you want to read. If ingredients are linked then there is a special post for it.


  1. Almond flour: See almonds. Almond flour doesn’t contain gluten and is great for bakery. But also in cookery.

  2. Almond milk: See almonds. Sweet almond milk is a great drink and one can use it instead of cow milk in coffee and anywhere where milk is asked.

  3. Almonds: Almonds are very healthy. Famous is the blooming in Sicily and Mallorca in February when trees are full of flowers just a few days and still in winter time. The eatable part is protected by a stone hard shell. There are sweet and bitter almonds. Usually we only eat the sweet ones. 5 almonds a day are perfect to increase health.

  4. Amaranth: Is a beautiful perennial flower. It is a pseudo grain used much in Asia and the Americas. It contains a good source of vitamin A and C and foliate, other vitamins and minerals. It contains also lysine, an essential amino acid. It’s great for who is gluten sensitive because it doesn’t contain any.

  5. Bread: There are many ways to prepare paleo bread. Great with almond and flax seed flour.

  6. Cacao: Cacao is stimulant, like coffee. But none is really addicted to it like to coffee. If you buy cacao buy the one without any sugar in it. It’s bitter, yes, but if you put some honey it is perfect.

  7. Chocolate: Only the dark one. Ever tried the 98 % one? Sounds incredible but it’s the best ever!

  8. Cinnamon: Best if you never want to catch a cold! Every day just a tiny amount in tea or dessert. Many countries in the Middle East or also Greece and Turkey use it in cooking especially with chicken or lamb. Very tasty!

  9. Coconut flour: Has nearly no carbs and the highest amount of fiber. Great for bakery but to consider that it sucks a lot of liquid so never use more than 1/3 and add more water/milk or other liquids.

  10. Coconut oil: Not only great on the skin in summer but also in all bakery and cooking.

  11. Couscous: It’s typical Maghrebian food. Often served with a vegetable or meat stew. I boil it with 4 times water for a minute and let it enhance the water slowly. Couscous is one of the healthiest grains with a lot of vitamins and minerals and nearly no fat.

  12. Dates: Dates are great to eat as they are but also filled with almonds, nuts, candied fruits, marzipan and others. Used also in cookery and bakery. I use them also as sweetener and cookies-base. Every tried out a date nut bread? Typical e. g. in Mallorca but originally Moorish.

  13. Eggs: Please only from FREE LIVING hens fed organic! This eggs still have a lot of vitamins and minerals and are definitely healthy.

  14. Flax seed: There are golden and brown seeds, they are both rich in fiber and omega-3 fatty acid. If eaten whole they just go through the digestion without any benefit. Grounded they give all the healthy things. BUT: grounded fresh! They loose within 10 minutes their properties when coming in touch with oxygen.

  15. Flax seed flour: see Flax seed. Has no gluten and so no ‘glue’. There is a tea spoon of guar gam flour every 100 g to add.

  16. Flax seed oil: The best if you want to stay healthy and give a lot of oxygen to you blood. High in omega-3 fatty acid. Better cold-pressed and not filtered but still with a lot of lignans in. Preventing cancer, heart decease, inflammation and much more.

  17. Fruits: All fruits give a lot of vitamins and should be on a diary every day. Try to eat more the non sweet fruits. Not good for loosing wait because fruit contains a lot of fruit sugar!

  18. Grape seed flour: Very high in protein and antioxidants. Helps to prevent wrinkles and sun burns.

  19. Herbs: Indispensable in cookery and bakery sometime. There are a lot of herbs, best when fresh. I use them also in my green smoothies and in all salads and main dishes.

  20. Honey: Great as sweetener. But attention: high in calories! Use always as less as possible!

  21. Milk: I use more almond milk than cow milk. Goat milk is better to digest. Also good for you cat and dog if you want to give sometimes a bit of extra.

  22. Muesli: I sometimes use muesli with ‘ancient’ grains like amaranth. Just two spoons for not being to high in carbs.

  23. Nuts: Almonds, Brazil nuts, cashew nuts, hazelnut, horse-chestnut, macadamia, walnuts and others are great. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acid, they have a low glycemic index, great in diabetes. They are a good source for vitamin E, protein and a lot of minerals. Best raw!

  24. Papaya: Contains a lot of papain, important against cancer deceases Great also for the digestion

  25. Pineapple: The pineapple is an exotic fruit but we can buy it everywhere. It contains a lot of bromelain and papain. Both is used to loose weight but also for the digestion especially when eating a lot of milk products as milk, yogurt and cheese.

  26. Salt: Important in all diets. At least a small amount every day. Best sea-salt.

  27. Spices: Great in all kinds of cookery. A lot of healthy ingredients are in all and make a dish really tasty. Use more spices and only a small amount of sea-salt.

  28. Sugar: is definitely a no-go in my cuisine. I like things sweet but there are many ways to sweeten a menu. Honey, bananas, dates….

  29. Tea: Definitely better than coffee! But no black tea which is nearly the same. Better green tea. Use also fruit tea and herbal tea for prevention.

  30. Turmeric: It’s also called Curcuma or Indian saffron. It’s used for curries we often use and has already a good amount of curcuma in. But clean turmeric has more healthy benefits. It’s great in soups, sauces, rice, dips, main dishes and more.

  31. Vegetables: All vegetable are great and should be in every kind of diet. Better raw but often not tasty at all. Use a lot of cabbages like kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower or kohlrabi. They are great to prevent cancer.

  32. Vitamin 15/Pangamic acid: Discovered by Ernst T. Krebs, a cancer scientist. It is known to support from recovery of alcohol and drug addiction. But has many other benefits. It’s in brown rice, grains, brewer’s yeast and other.

  33. Vitamin 17/Amygdalin: The vitamin against cancer. It contains cyanide, witch is toxic. Vitamin 17 one can find in bitter apricot kernels and bitter almond.

  34. Water: At least drink 30 mg clear water per kilo weight of yourself. In Winter it’s a great idea to warm it up a little bit. Freezing cold is a shock for your stomach, drink it always at room temperature.

  35. Wheatgrass: Not really tasty it has hundreds of benefits. It’s one of the healthiest supplements to take with immediate well being

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