Dancing with Feathers – My First Pow Wow

It was my very first Pow wow and I was excited. I am fascinated by the history and tradition of American Natives since I was a child and always thought that they are people of wisdom. Their colorful traditional clothes for festivities are another reason why I was looking forward to see a pow wow.

Last weekend finally I could live this experience I hoped for so long time. We went only in the evening and arrived just in time to see the Grand Entrance. So many different costumes, amazingly colorful, feathers and the tinkle-jingle of hundreds of little shells and bells sewed on beautiful dresses.

They danced, they sung and walked through a parade – it was highly emotionally for me. They had different groups coming in, men, women and children as well. The costumes were often very different, some made of material, some of deer leather and with incredible beautiful designs made with little beads.

I wished I could have a pair of moccasins, handmade of soft leather and with some colorful design made of beads.. but no chance.

We walked along the many stands selling traditional clothes, mostly jewelery, some art crafts I found some simple moccasins and even a ‘kit’ to do them by myself, beads strings in countless colors for a personal design… Why didn’t I buy that? Instead I got a pair of earrings, long and made of brown and golden beads.

I loved to be here and we spent nearly 3 hours at this event. I didn’t see much traditional food, more the typical Mexican and American fast food. But, well, that is, I guess, exactly what also Indian people eat now 🙁

Barona Indian Reservation, California/USA:

For further information:
Barona Indian Reservation
The Barona PowWow on Facebook

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