Spring Fair at the Stud of Traventhal

I love to go and visit flea markets and even more handcrafts markets. Both of them are rich in decoration ideas and often people have the most brilliant ideas to use old stuff. From complete useless things they create wonderful and amazing gadgets. Perfect for the house or even the garden.

One of these intriguing markets is located near to Bad Segeberg, a little town in Schleswig-Holstein, the most northern region of Germany.

This summer I was again for a few days up to Lübeck, this time together with my lovely man. For me that was already an enormous pleasure. I organized a few thins to do and one of these events was to see an antique car show and a handcrafts market, the spring market at Travethal.

I know this place from other occasions like Christmas markets or early spring markets. The location is beautiful and the event always well organized.

It was a sunny day and a lot of people wanted to admire the old cars from early last century. In Germany they are less seen than in the United States and they are definitely different to the big cars in the US. So for him – of course a huge lover of antique cars having himself some of this wonderful vintage cars – it was twice interesting.

I enjoyed instead very much the fair. Handcrafts, many many ideas for decorating the garden and the house. There were a lot of stands with all sorts of food, from Currywurst to homemade cakes, flower stands and all kind of decoration for gardens, candle holders made of cutlery or drift wood, ceramics and of course jewelry and clothes.

I was a good girl and didn’t buy anything. We were together with a friend and we had a coffee and some cake. That’s all we spent. But we had a great day and I am always excited to come here for any event. The fairs are always rich in ideas and a real joy.

Stud Traventhal, Schleswig-Holstein/Germany

For further information:
Stud farm Traventhal website (in German)

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