Peperonata – Italian Bell Pepper Antipasto

Coming from Italy I love Italian food. And there are so many dishes that are paleo friendly. Like this typical antipasto: peperonata.

The peperonata is a typical South Italian dish and can be served warm as a side dish for fish, like baccalà, with homemade hamburger or meat balls. If cold it is great on old, toasted bread slices as bruschetta for example.

I oftentimes prepare the peperonata or bell pepper antipasto and add olives. But this time I prepared the dish without because I served it to someone who doesn’t like olives.

I love the peperonata also on polenta, a kind of porridge made of cornmeal. Not really paleo but OK for Celiacs. I sometimes have corn or rice, amaranth or quinoa.

You will enjoy it, it’s easy and very tasty.

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  1. Wash, clean and cut the bell peppers into strips or pieces.
  2. Wash, clean and dice the onion and garlic
  3. In a large pan heat the olive oil and add the onion and garlic. Let them get translucent.
  4. Now add the bell pepper strips and the diced tomatoes. Who like to get out the light bitterness of the tomatoes can add half a tsp of honey.
  5. Stir all well that enough liquid is on the bottom of the pan and let it cook on medium until the bell peppers are soft.
  6. Just shortly before cooking is finished add salt and pepper to season the peperonata.
  7. Serve hot or store until next day and serve cold.
Recipe Notes

The peperonata is great also adding pitted and sliced olives. 

It can be served warm and cold. Warm it is great as a side dish with baccalà (dry salted cod fish), in a hamburger, with meat balls or also with polenta (porridge of cornmeal).

Cold it is great as antipasto or on a toasted slice of bread as bruschetta.

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