The Amazing Carriage Museum in Hinterstein

After many years I had the pleasure to visit a beautiful friend in Sonthofen, in the very south of Germany. Just for one real day and the weather was so sunny and great. When angels travel – the sun is laughing 😀

That one day there was the option to go and sight-seeing the many famous castles around like Schwanenstein. But therefore a whole day would be gone and I would like to see also Sonthofen in the center. So she asked me about to see the carriage museum nearby. She always wanted to go there but has never done it. So we took the car after breakfast at midday and went off to Hinterstein near to Bad Hindelang.

The mountain view with the blue, blue sky and the white powdered peaks was really amazing. I love to see the mountains – although I would not like really to live there. Tiny villages, a stop at a cheese shop to ask the right road, water flowing through green meadows… idyllic!

In Hinterstein we parked our car where we found a parking lot, the village was empty. A short walk following the indications brought us to this beautiful wooden bridge. Something typical for the region as I found out.

On the way we saw this water well and I thought in summer it will be great to drink the fresh cold water out of it when one is thirsty.

I have to confess we both thought the museum as a huge hall, maybe an old stable, now with lots of carriages in it, standing side by side. But we found something so different, so amazing that none ever could imagine before.

A small hut or better two, some metallic animals that seem in the sun like alive, and a small entrance.

Opening the door was like entering in a mystic world. Wonderful relaxing music from Enya, narrow pathways, and everywhere hanging, standing, lying something. Dishes, dried flowers, mounted animals of the region, carpets, carriages… incredible!

We walked through the darkness, sprinkled by spot lights, with open mouth, admiring all the different things, the way the owner disposed the carriages with figures in warm winter coats, sitting or standing by the carriages. Little windows displaying window decorations….

… vases, glasses, cane baskets. Have a look what it means to have a real collection of EVERYTHING!

The varies carriages are really amazing. Often there are small ones, maybe for children more than adults, than there a huge funeral coaches as well. Horse carriages of rich people and for public use. And always there is an information sign to tell where and when bought and who was the owner once.

The museum owner has a lot of other things in the museum. He definitely likes to collect everything that has to do with old times and is typical for the region. These pitchers are made for wine or water for example and are very common here. Beverages last long cold in these pitchers.

The beauty of the museum is that there are a lot of themes, a contest to every carriage. By the way – there is no heating and so during winter time freezing cold also inside the huts.

We were in the museum at least for two hours. And I am sure we could stay even more inside. It is an amazing place and it’s really like entering in a magic world.

When we came out we left a few Euro in a box as there is no entrance fee. He deserves it! He created such an unbelievable place no one ever will forget. I surely will not!

Hinterstein, Bavaria/Germany:

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For further information:
Kutschenmuseum Hinterstein
Haidachring 1
87541 Hinterstein

2016: It is not open anymore.
2019: It re-opened again, with a few changes, but still very interesting!

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  1. Hasi says:

    I really enjoyed reading this article :-)))
    The first photo is outstanding, magical!!
    In the text I especially liked this line: “I love to see the mountains”

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