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Italian Orange Cookies on Blu

As I am a little bit in a ‘baking mood’, I wanted to try out some orange cookies. I decided to try a very simple Italian recipe for lemon cookies and prepare them just with oranges. Almost the same, isn’t … Continue reading

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A Quick Strawberry Jam with Chia Seeds

There are moments I have a kind of feeling like having something delicious. Or I would like to have a nice slice of toasted bread with a little jam on it. But for this really very rare moments I don’t … Continue reading

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Pancakes with Lavender and Maple Syrup for Breakfast

Pancakes I know from childhood. But my mom did the pancake German style which is much more a real cake. High and filled with apples. Then in the end you put sugar on it too. It was a huge meal … Continue reading

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Schiacciata alla Fiorentina – A Carnival Treat from Tuscany

Carnival is on the way and this year it happens right around San Valentine’s Day. Ash Wednesday is on the 14th of February, how do you celebrate these two days on the same day? For people who like to party … Continue reading

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Spaghetti Frittata – A Simple Italian Pasta Dish

Frittata means omelette and normally you prepare it just with eggs and maybe some ingredients to make a filling. I prepared a total different way in an Italian style: frittata di spaghetti. Yep, that is pasta with eggs and baked … Continue reading

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