Sunny Sunflowers all Around

This is the season of one of the greatest flowers on earth: sunflowers. They are so beautiful when you have them in the garden. Oftentimes they are high as two meters and having more flower heads at once.

Sunflowers are also grown commercially as they are used to making sunflower oil. And seeds for bird feeding during winter time. Or for people to eat the seeds as well, alone or using them for bread and many other baking goods.

Did you know that sunflower seeds are a nutrient-dense food? They are rich in vitamin B and E, in protein and dietary fiber. Zinc, manganese, magnesium and iron are only a few of the many minerals they contain. And the phytosterols can lower the blood cholesterol.

Ukraine is the country which produces the most sunflowers in the world.

But honestly I never think about these facts when I see huge sunflower fields. They are simply so beautiful! Large bright yellow fields with a touch of green that slowly disappears the more the flowers open their heads and catch out the yellow petals. Then with the heat the huge heads tend to hang down and they get gray-greenish fields again.

Do you have such sunflower fields where you live? Have you ever seen them? Or do you grow them in your garden? Tell me about…

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