Strawberry Fields…. and Even More Strawberries

Strawberries are my favorite fruit in the late spring time. I love them. But it is not very easy to find them with the same taste as in my childhood. The bests are wild strawberries!

In northern Germany there is a farm called Karl’s Erdbeerhof. It’s a chain of more farms under the same name (and owner) who has strawberry fields till the horizon. I remember well when I was a child my mother used to go there during the season to pick strawberries. They cost much less than already picked up. She always wanted me to eat while picking them but I never did because of being so concentrated to find the bests. But when paid and sitting in the car, relaxed, I had a lot of them. And my mother grumpy with me because strawberries missing for the jam she wanted to prepare.

So still today I love strawberries but don’t pick them up anymore in the fields. First I don’t live there anymore and then I buy them more easily. But when I am in Germany I still like to go to the same place which today is much more than a simple farm for this red and juicy fruit.

Karl’s is today a paradise for children. And for mothers who love to buy a lot of funny, useful/useless, different stuff. Like jars looking like strawberries, candies with strawberries, eggnog with strawberries, ready strawberry jam and much more. It’s a huge strawberry business today.

A few days ago a friend of mine wanted to go to one of these farms in Rövershagen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, to see an ‘Ice World exhibition’. It was a nice experience and I loved to see it. Really great. Read more here.

Walking around in an over crowded place so is not really a very nice idea. But this place is so much known that half Germany was here that day – as it seemed to me. The most beautiful thing were the children running everywhere around, laughing and having apparently A LOT of fun. There are many places for them to play, pirate ships, climbing, jumping, work-shops for children and much more. A day here means a day in children’s paradise. And everywhere skilled people looking after them.

Mommy and Daddy can go around and have a look at the funny decorations like the cooking pots forming an arch, having breakfast with still warm rustic bread and fresh strawberry jam. And later with the children a huge pan cake with colorful ice cream on it.

There is an outside area now in winter time with an ice skating rink and places where to eat. In summer for sure great. A kind of aquarium in a barn and more food stands.

Impressing are the many coffee pots. More than 24.000 I read somewhere. They have the largest coffee pot collection worldwide. Unfortunately they are very high located and you can’t get a closer look on them. But it’s fascinating anyway to see walls of coffee pots.

We have been to see the King of Rock ‘n Roll on Ice and a coffee. The mass of people were after a while a little exhausting, especially for the elder lady with us. It will be the perfect place in summer and all the year around for children! But – in my humble opinion – it is a must-see place anyway. It’s so special and unusual that once everyone should experience the ‘land of strawberries’!

Rövershagen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern/Germany:

For further information:
Karl’s Erdbeerhof Rövershagen (in German)

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