Photographer at a Wedding in Český Krumlov

She is a professional Classic dancer, he is a professional physician, both are from the Czech Republic. They met because of their common love for trekking and nature. And they got married a week ago.

I’ve known my friend for a few years, she lived (I will miss her!) near to me and came very often to help me in the garden, to look after my cat when I was away and trying out my newest Paleo creations. She is so much fun, we had a lot of laughter, and we fell in love at nearly the same time with someone living in another country. She left her old life and managed to live with her husband in his home town

When she told me in summer they will get married, I was more than excited. They asked me to take photos of them to create an announcement card, and I was thrilled. Later in summer I was a couple of times with her to try on the wedding dress. And she asked me to dress her on her wedding day. I felt so honored! And she wanted me being her second (unofficial) photographer.

We got an invitation card and my lovely sweetheart was so excited to come over to Europe and going to a wedding in Czech Republic. He knows Prague but was never in Český Krumlov before. I had to look it up on the map, too.

So we drove over by car, already two days before the wedding, to sightseeing the place. For me it was also important to have a look at the church. As a photographer for an event it is good to know the locations. So in advance you can decide where to stay, how to move, and in my case how to avoid interfering into the official wedding photographer’s work.

In church, they had a full service wedding. For one and a half hour I was trying to get photos from the opposite side of the photographer. Then I walked with her through the whole little town for more photos. The fun was: the little town of Český Krumlov is full of Asian tourists that followed us in bulk to take the same pictures as the photographer did. So much fun!

Later we arrived in the restaurant. What appeared to me the day before as a cold, modern place today was a nice, cozy and well decorated venue. Around a hundred people were invited. With two menus possible: one for special diets and one for ‘normal-all-eaters’. My sweetie was on cloud 7, he loves the heavy Eastern/mountain food. Dumplings, potatoes, pork and gravies, and he is the most happy man on the planet. Well, he had a lot of it here. And he tried the special Czech ‘Schnaps’.

I particularly liked the harp music which seemed to me very traditional and an appropriate background music.

For the next day there was a brunch organized at her home. More great food like sauerkraut soup, sandwiches, cakes and cookies, coffee and tea and more ‘Schnaps’! We managed to stay the entire day before we had to leave Český Krumlov the next day. This way we drove in the afternoon a little bit in the country-side, relaxed and talk about the wedding.

I think, weddings are more or less everywhere the same in Western cultures. There are a few traditions like feeding the other one the wedding soup (in Italy it’s the cake), shatter some plates and the bride and groom have to clean-up, throwing rice or/and flower petals after church or what the bride has to wear (something old, new, blue, borrowed, donated). I didn’t see any differences. But I noticed many women wore also black dresses. That is for me still a no-go. Black and white is something a woman should not wear at a wedding, in my opinion. But I am old-fashioned.

I loved my friends dress! It looked so good on her. She was just an amazingly beautiful bride. And the groom in the blue suit matched perfectly, too.

I am looking forward to their first child’s baptism now!

Český Krumlov, South Bohemia/Czech Republic:

For further information:
The official website of Český Krumlov
Website of the Czech Tourism

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  1. Hasi says:

    Outstanding Photos!!

  2. Lovely bride and your photos are fabulous! Have not yet been to Czechia, but definitely on my plans!

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