Photo Marathon 2020 in the Rain

Every year in Lübeck there is a little photography event called Photo-Marathon. I did a couple of them, some with sending my photo in (even winning something) and some not. This year I was in Travemünde to participate.

It ended up that my friend enrolled herself into the photo-marathon, I didn’t. So she was the one to send the photos, I didn’t. But we shot the photos together. On a very rainy, stormy but pretty warm day. We had a lot of fun .. and wet clothes.

And here are my photos:

First topic: The usual Starting Number

No number, so it’s zero.

Second topic: The usual Selfie

In the mirror…

Third topic: How much is 1.5 m? (social distancing)

How tricky is this if you don’t want to shoot the everywhere measurements on the grounds in the city?

Fourth theme: Say it with flowers

OK, the flowers are not that clear on the photo, but the message is!

Fifth topic: ‘Verzieglich’ (refers to a goat)

Were are goats in Travemünde? I couldn’t find any than in the supermarket in the cheese section.

Sixth topic: Not everyone out of the frame was in the picture before

A frame and books, a frame and newspaper, a frame and … I chose a newspaper as in German they say ‘gebildet’ for instructed, though the German verb has the word ‘Bild’ (= picture) in it.

Seventh topic: Masks and other en-vogue-accessories

No one likes them but everyone has a fancy one. There is not even one shop of whatever which doesn’t sell masks! So en-vogue right now!

Eight topic: Walking pace

On a rainy day like this the pace is a little faster than on a sunny one!

Ninth topic: The best of the north

Definitely all fishy like Matjes (hering), the little shrimp, fish salads of all kinds, plaice and much more.

Tenth topic: Good for our climate

Bicycles are definitely good for the climate. Like also the many flower fields that are coming out right now.

Eleventh topic: A place near the water

I saw a few, but liked the nest of a swan family with the last remaining egg (empty I guess). But also the hammock on the beach looks so relaxing even on a stormy day like this.

And the last topic: Too many choices

I had a look into my favorite shop in Travemünde: Wöbke, the fish-shop. I was waiting to buy my lunch for today, but people were standing outside around the next corner even in the heavy rain. I can wait some more days for my next fish salads!

We started two times for this challenge. Both, on the way back, we took all the rain we could. We both, my friend on her bicycle and me walking, we had to change completely at home, twice. Not really the most relaxing day for outside leisure but for sure the more interesting, weather-wise, for photography.

Travemunde, Schleswig-Holstein/Germany

For further information:
Travemunde website

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2 Responses to Photo Marathon 2020 in the Rain

  1. Lu says:

    What a great competition. Looks like it would be a lot fun, minus the rain.

    • crumbs on travel says:

      The rain was OK, not cold, though. And we had good light for photos. Drama photos 😀

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