Farmstay Near to Fiumicino, the Airport of Rome

My sweetheart last time landed in Rome and I went to pick him up. But the thing was that he landed in the evening time, so I thought it would be a good idea not to stress him too much and sleep near to the airport. The next day we would have a few hours ahead to drive to southern Tuscany where we were booked in an apartment in a little village. So I chose an airbnb just 20 minutes outside of Fiumicino: Al Vecchio Fontanile at Cerveteri.

I already checked-in a few hours earlier. It is a nice house with a huge garden/yard around. A little hidden as I couldn’t find it (no, I don’t have GPS, I still use old-fashioned street maps). I called the owner, and she was so nice to come and pick me up where I was waiting – actually a 2 minutes drive from the house and I nearly passed it before.

First thing: I was ‘greeted’ by the house dog… sorry: mini house hog. ‘Oink oink’ running against us, sooo sweet. There would be also a big dog and another very small one plus a nice cat, but I have known them only the day after.

The room has a separated entrance where actually are two rooms en suite. Ours was wonderfully painted in red, nearly Pompeian red, and nicely decorated. The bathroom was small but sufficient. The shower was the best! I got the key for the room and the entrance door(s) as well for the electric gate.

The owner Sabrina explained how to go to the airport and that it will take about 20 minutes, depends on the traffic. The Via Aurelia just passes near to the airbnb. So a couple of hours I drove to the airport which took me at 7 pm around 40 minutes due to the traffic, but was very easy to find.

Personal experience:

The owners were very friendly and helpful. We had good talks about what to do around the place, how to go to and to come out to pick me up was really very nice!

The morning after we had breakfast in the little conservatory. It was super rich with all kinds of breakfast food. As I don’t eat flour, dairy and sugar they prepared for me an extra portion of prosciutto, tomatoes and more. We could squeeze our own fresh orange juice, my sweetie had tea and I had wonderful wake-up espresso. It was so nice to sit in the cozy room, looking out in the garden, we didn’t want to go at all.

We left two hours later to drive to south Tuscany.

I recommend:

The place is a beautiful home outside the super busy area of Fiumicino, though just a few minutes drive from the airport, Rome and Ostia Antica. If you arrive in Rome and like a more calm place outside the Italian chaos: this is the right place!

You can find easily your way to the GRA which is the surrounding highway around Rome and where from you enter the city.

I warmly recommend Ostia Antica and the excavations of the old town. We have been there last year and enjoyed it a lot. I must-see for all history-lovers

You love beaches? OK, all the coast is a beach, you practically can find access everywhere. But very often they are more Lidos than free beaches.

Al Vecchio Fontanile, Cerveteri, Lazio/Italy:

For further information:
Al Vecchio Fontanile (on Airbnb)
Via de Ceri, 31

00052 Cerveteri/RM

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