Exploring the Region of Abruzzo (I)

The region of Abruzzo is a Southern Italian region with less than 1.5 million people. Marche on the north, for the most part Lazio on the west and Molise in the south, the region has a long beachy coast on the Adriatic. I am on the way to explore it.

As I am from Ischia in the Neapolitan area, I see a lot in common with the Campania region, in language, in culture, in history. From wonderful, white beaches to the ski slopes there is everything imaginable.

Abruzzo is called the greenest region in Europe as half of the territory is set as national parks and protected areas. This gives 75 % of Europe’s living species a secure home. Here you find the golden eagle, chamois, wolf and brown bear. The southernmost glacier, il Calderone, is disappearing like all glaciers worldwide. There is a nice description of the nature and people here: strong and kind. I think that is a very nice one.

Historically the region goes with most of the southern history of Italy and I won’t write about it. But did you know that Gabriele D’Annunzio was form Pescara? And Pontius Pilatus was born in Bisenti.

Geographically Abruzzo is already in the south of Italy, along the Apennine mountains and the beautiful beaches on the Adriatic Sea. The Gran Sasso is the highest mountain with nearly 3.000 meters/9.500 feet, followed by the Majella with just a few hundred less. Many know the Abruzzo area maybe from the 2009 earthquake that destroyed L’Aquila. Or the snowslide a few years ago, covering a whole hotel with the people inside.

Wine and olive oil (you see endless fields with olive trees and grape vines), they are famous for their goat and sheep cheeses and for fish along the coast.

The main cities are L’Aquila in the mountains, and along the coast from north to south, Teramo, Pescara and Chieti. I am right now near to Pescara but in the Teramo province. I haven’t been to the Abruzzo International Airport in Pescara yet, but it seems the connections are very good. Well, when flying is again an option.

Well there is sooo much to write about the Abruzzo region and I won’t in one blog article. There will follow quiet a few more though in future and in every article there will be something about this place.

I found out that many people from UK and USA are living here and they are all very excited about the country. It seems to me that here is still less tourism, much more nature and the people are more authentic. It is the perfect place for future tourism, slow and authentic. For people who want to break out of the daily madness of their lives and want to experience some different but more calm. Like hiking in the mountains, one day going on the beach, the next day taking a bath in ice-cold gorges. In winter you can go skiing. All in one region. Amazing!

Well the following blog-posts will show some of the photos I took during my driving around, exploring and looking for sites. Which will have their own blog-posts as well, of course.


For further information:
Abruzzo Tourism

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