A Palace in Zeltweg – Schloss Farrach

Some time ago I visited again my friend Andreas in Graz/Austria. For a few days I stayed in his appartment and we had good weather to go around by car. The first place he wanted to visit with me is not far away from Graz and easily reached in a two hours drive north.

We took the land road to Zeltweg to visit a residence, the Farrach Palace.

Zeltweg is situated in the Upper Styria along the river Mur. The place is known since the 13th century, had a lot of problems due to famine and epidemics but gained importance and wealth in the 16th century when they started rafting timber along the Mur river.

200 years later another decline but with the industrialization it became again a highly considered place.

The main attraction is the Farrach Palace.

This beautiful looking residence was built around 1670 by Freiherr (baron) Carl Friedrich von Teuffenbach. Very decorative and unusual is the faced. The design in different colors looks like painted but is made with stones actually. The walk under the arcades is now closed but was once open. It is built in the Italian Renaissance style. 400 years ago it was a revolutionary architecture and super modern. It houses a double twisting staircase going opposite. This is still today very rare.

Inside there is also the possibility to enter the living area within the servants section. The staircase is not integrated in the house but built attached. Something one can find today sometimes in huge modern buildings, e. g. the lift often is separated this way.

In 1989 the residence was completely refurbished and is owned by a private family.

Today the house is used mainly as a restaurant and is a great venue for celebrations like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, business parties and so on.

At the time we came the restaurant was still closed as it is not working during winter time. We could have a small sneak peak inside. I got up the stairs and had a look in a part where obviously people are living. I could take a photo of a beautiful door.

We talked to a man who came out looking who the visitors are. He told us they will open later in spring. They offer culture and artistic events during the year like a Christmas market in December.

We left, sorry for the closure and heading to eat something in the next village called Judenburg.

Zeltweg, Styria, Austria:

For further information:
Website about Zeltweg
Schloss Farrach

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