A Natural Cosmetic Workshop with Sara Falchetto

A new extraordinary event at ValdericArte, my favorite b&b in Le Marche. Italy. I knew they would not have any event anymore after the 1st November until March but then it happened to a whole weekend of events. This first one is about natural cosmetics made at home with ingredients from the kitchen and from the garden.

It started already in the morning. My friend, who was visitor to my house these days, and I got up early to be there in time as I have to drive one and a half hour to arrive ‘in paradise’.

We found a house full of Christmas decorations, a warm open fire and a lot of people being curious about what will happen today. As guest-speaker there was Sara Falchetto, a pharmacist of Venice. She is interested in natural health in holistic terms. She studied as well homeopathic, Bach flowers, nutrition and natural cosmetics. She speaks as well perfectly English.

We all took place in the comfortable little conference room that once was the studio of the painting Stella, owner of the b&b. The first one to speak was the second guest-speaker, Fabio Piccini. He introduced Sara in a perfect way. He would speak tomorrow about Paleo.

Sara started to explain about our skin, how it is made and what is happening when we put cream, oil or other conventional stuff on our skin. And explains if we would eat those creams we would rather have a poisoning. Oftentimes it is even written be aware about children. So why we are putting these cosmetics on our skin that will all absorb the thousands of ingredients in the cream. Ingredients we mostly even don’t know what they are.

She explained how important it is that we put on our skin only things we would also eat. Everything else is like poisoning ourselves, without noticing it immediately. I think it enough to look at all those animals that are suffering for us to be poisoned as well, but less fast visible.

We had a little break with coffee and tea and around one o’clock we had lunch. All paleo of course and I must confess super delicious – like always. The ValdericArte-team has always new surprises and something different to put on the plate!

We started the second part of the event with a workshop. About how to make a cream and an ointment. Both very simple and very easy to do at home.

Ingredients are just bee-wax, some ‘oleolito’ (means oil in which matured some beneficial flowers or herbs and then filtered) and some ‘secret’ ingredient. If someone is interested in the recipe, please write to Stella.

So happy that I thought about buying some tiny glasses so my friend could get both, the cream and the ointment, at home.

We had a great day and learnt something very important: that our skin absorbs all what we put on it. So shower foam, cream, body milk and many others are more poison than anything else. Put only what you would like to eat as well on your skin and you will be healthy and have no skin or other problems.

We had a lot of fun and talking to the other people they were already excited about the next day – when we would learn about paleo. I was less interested in that event as I am already paleo for more than three years, but I am interested in the people how they see that new (for them) diet or nutrition.

Sara is a charismatic woman, that looks much younger than she really is and she explained all in an easy way. It was clear that she was sure about what she talked about and she loves her possibilities to learn about the right way of living and likes to teach to others. I hope there will be other events with her!

See you next Sunday for the next – and last for this year – event in ValdericArte!

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