What have I done?

As I am short with specific topics in this period, I want to talk a little bit of what I have done during the last month, October 2020.

It is such a strange year in many ways, though my life is pretty normal. Chaotic, not regular and for sure different to many of my friends’, but normal to me.

I am back in the country that I feel I belong, I rented an apartment and finally got all my little belongings out of the deposit where they were for the last two years. So far so good. I am in a house-hunting-tour and it seems nothing is right to me. I always find something wrong: the position, the location, too big, too small, I don’t actually want a house to live in, I want just land, but it’s better to have something to live already in, no natural water supply, no panorama, no trees, too flat, too hilly, too much land, not enough land, too far from the sea, not high enough, not facing south, too many people living nearby, too much agriculture around, too much far away from every civilization. Hey, and the list goes on. There is something wrong with me and I can’t figure it out. Some decisions are more difficult than others, some take ages to finally do them.

So for the moment I try to enjoy the changing of autumn, one of the most beautiful seasons for all (nature)photographers. I shot a few places, some recipes I want to work on and celebrated autumn with my ‘oil-painting’-photography.

Enjoy the photos!

(for explanation touch photo with the mouse)

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