The Celebration of Colors at ValdericArte

Last weekend there was a celebration at Massa Trabaria, an area in the North of Le Marche between Umbria, Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. It is a mountainous region, full of little villages, castles and monasteries. It is called also Valley of the Metauro, a river running down to Pesaro and into the Adriatic Sea. So one of the many places where they had events for the celebration was Valdericarte, the place I love most in the area and always enjoy the events – and naturally my friends.

Between golf cup, exhibitions, workshops, guiding tours in the museum of colors at Lamoli there was this lunch and workshop at the b&b.

People arrived the whole day so the lunch was a continuous amplifying of tables and meals, people heard from others, found the place on Facebook or were send by guides. A few children as well as the event was thought for families.

Lunch was great as usual, full of colors. Even the rolls had 3 colors, the pizza, the salad, the cakes.. all made with natural colors of plants growing in the gardens and woods of Valdericarte. Have a look at the photos, they are mouth-watering, aren’t they?

After lunch everyone got out into the gardens. A nice lady started to read fairy tales sitting on the lawn, children and adults around. Many were lying on the grass or sitting in chairs listening to the funny voice and laughing to the funny faces the lady made for a better demonstration of the fairy tales.

Later she started to paint with the children and most mothers and fathers. Especially the smaller children had a lot of fun. The colors were all naturally and the children started soon to be as colorful as the colors themselves.

On cardboard they started to paint faces, with tissue they ‘dressed up’ a body and put legs and arms to create a kind of jumping jack.

They hang the ‘dolls’ into the tree where already were flying nice dresses. It looked funny – as it had to.

Other adults instead took the time to wonder around, explore the woods which are starting to flower and gaining color. Or sitting in one of the many chairs reading books about naturally coloring, chatting with friends, just dozing and enjoying the peaceful afternoon.

I haven’t had the time to do other than going to this event that weekend as there was a birthday celebration the day after. But the event at Valdericarte was great as always, just a little more calm maybe as the entertainment was mainly for children and adults could just relax. I had my walks as well, finding out a new ‘construction’ in the woods that promises to be a new great attraction. The b&b is in continuous evolution and always there is something new. A real inspiration!

Have you ever been to a celebration of colors, a ‘color party’? Tell me where…

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