Summer Jamboree Senigallia – At the Biggest Rock ‘n Roll Festival in the World

I love the music of the fifties and sixties, love the dresses and the cars… and I knew about the Summer Jamboree Festival in Senigallia. But I thought not to do it in time as I had friends over just those days. When a friend of mine called to go the last day I told my friends we will go. And we had a wonderful evening!

The Summer Jamboree was born in 2000 and began then with only one day where 4 life bands were playing. The following it was still a little unknown but in 2002 the mass media got it and started to report about it. In 2005 the festival left the one day edition and got out with a whole week and more than 100.000 people coming to the little town of Senigallia.

Nowadays the event takes 10 days starting the last days of July and ending in the beginning of August. This years were half a million people to see the festival.

The music event is totally free of charge and organized by the committee of the Summer Jamboree and the community of Senegallia. The event is much more than international life bands and stands where to buy all things of the fifties and sixties. Bar and restaurants, piazze, streets and the whole city is living the time during these days. And exactly that we were feeling when walking through the town center, looking into shops, eating in a restaurant. Amazing!

The music styles one can experience here are multiple: rock ‘n roll, swing, jive, hillbilly, rhythm ‘n blues, doo-wop and more. There are dancing lessons as well. The artists are coming from whole Europe, Russia and the United States. Many of them are well known but there are also artists on the way to fame.

Names like Jerry Lee Lewis, Dita von Teese, Stray Cats, Chuck Berry.. they all had an performance here.

And there are other attractions like….

… vintage cars. We saw only a few as we were late. But I know from a friend who was here the day before that it was full of antique cars. Lovely!

Burlesque is also a theme at the festival. There is always a show.. that’s why Dita von Teese had a performance here in 2007.

There is a Hawaiian party at the beach of Senigallia, all night long.

Nice idea and we had some sneak peak to one: hairdresser and barbers cutting and working the hair in the style of those years.

Restaurants and bars offer typical Mexican and South American food. Louisiana is one of the regions where this style was born.

Dancing platforms we saw a lot. And a lot of people ALL ages were dancing to the music. There is nothing better than this music full of rhythm and swing and no one can stand or sit still. Everyone has to move….

Stands were offering a lot of vintage. From dresses to old telephones to vinyl discs I saw everything. Even a Harley Davidson stand! The jukeboxes were a real temptation!

Most of all I loved to see the people. From little boys in trousers, braces and a cap – big boys as well, so great to see – to little girls and woman dressed up in petticoat dresses, a ribbon in the hair and makeup like in the sixties… they look sooo wonderful! I have no petticoat but think I should have one for next year!

When it was coming to night time we had the opportunity to see a band, Little Lesley & the Bloodshots, offering some Rockabilly. A whole mass of people moving to the rhythm. It was difficult to leave.

For sure next year I will be there again and this time from the beginning!

Senigallia, Le Marche/Italy:

For further information:
Summer Jamboree Senigallia official website (in Italian)

Photos of the Summer Jamboree Senigallia 2016

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