An Afternoon in Vist in the Marine Resort of Gargano National Park

When we were last summer in the Gargano National Park we visited the little town Vieste, Vist in the Apulian dialect. The beauty is a jewel in the North of Apulia and is known for the clean blue waters. In fact, it received the blue flags (a certification for beach, marine and sustainable boating tourism).

Vieste is in the furthest point of the National Park and is surrounded by cliffs and wonderful beaches. There are two main beaches and many little ones, some of them can only be reached by boat. The amazing arches a going into the see are washed out by erosion in the calcareous rock. The water has a rich blue, turquoise color. I couldn’t get enough of it. It looked so incredibly beautiful.

About history: The place was already inhabited in the Paleolithic. Later the Greek found a perfect place to live here, Romans used the port and the history than goes like most of the Italic peninsula with the Longobards and later the Normans and the Suevians. Under last ones the place started to have the city-liked shape of today. During the Kingdom of Naples Saracens and pirates came frequently for raids. But the real disaster were the Turks when in 1554 more than 5.000 old and infirm inhabitants were killed because they were useless for slavery.

Around 1100 the diocese of Vieste was established.

Today Vieste is a touristic place but still in a very sustainable way. Only a few decades ago it was just a little fishermen town with agriculture in the hinterland.

The lighthouse looks very interesting as it is built in the sea and can be reached only by boat. The minor cathedral on a high point is worth to visit and start maybe the round-walk right from here. We did so. But we didn’t visit the castle.

We spent a few hours on the beach before visiting the little town. As I found a parking place right to the cathedral, we started our walk there. We just wanted to have a look in the Medieval town but we finished staying until late in the evening. The little alleys – all without any traffic –are full of small restaurants and shops, people are living here and the laundry is drying hanging from one side of the street to the other. It a certain way I felt like being in Naples. But then: in the south of Italy we all live the same way.

We had good food sitting in a small restaurant outside in the street right next to the sea. It was romantic, beautiful and so much Italian summer.

National Park of Gargano, Apulia/Italy:

For further information:
Official website of the National Park of Gargano
Website of Vieste

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  1. Walter says:

    Vieste is full of thieves. We were here three years ago and had to watch in horror as Italians robbed their own countrymen.

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