“Yes I do” – a Wedding in Jordan

Tired and full of amazing impressions we came back to the buzzing city of Amman from Petra and Wadi Rum. Again ‘our’ hotel – the Amman International Hotel – and another room. This time to the front but the same quiet. And some sun shining in the late afternoon.

When we tried to go to the Leonardo da Vinci dinning room they asked us to take our dinner in the Oasis Terrace, the breakfast room.

And here we could see why: a wedding in the courtyard around the swimming pool.

All decorated as I have seen at the Roman theater just days before. Flowers and candles swimming in the pool and the bridge over the pool decorated with tulle.

Of course we all here were so curious to see the bride!

We had to wait an hour – dinner already finished – the first guests arrived. Beautiful Arabic women with festive robes, young women with short dresses, elder women with black dresses all over. Men mainly in suits but as well with white overdresses like Saudis often have. A whole mixture of fashion!

The sofa on one of the ends was shining purple from spot lights and a cameraman with a huge microphone as well was taking position around 9 pm.

At the Oasis Terrace we all put our noses on the window front for not missing the arrival of the bride and the groom. I think in many we were asking ourselves if she would be dressed like in Western countries.

Meanwhile we could hear drums and music on the other side of the hotel, people dancing near to the windows opposite.

Bride and groom appeared on a balcony above the courtyard and let fly a white dove. After this ‘wow’-event they came down the spiral stairs.

As I don’t asked the bride and groom if I can take photos and public them I didn’t make any pictures of them.

But already guests were so interesting and so incredibly mixed up in fashion and style that there is enough to see.

The newly weds danced, guests came in. The dinner would start only later apparently. We’ve gone away but were really fascinated that the wedding of this maybe richer Ammanians looked so European. What an experience!

Have you ever witnessed a wedding in an foreign country? Were you invited? Let me know..

Amman International Hotel, Amman/Jordan:

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