Weekend of Open Gardens 2020

Is there anything more intriguing than peeking in someone’s home? I think there is not one person out there who would not be interested to see how others live. At the weekend of open gardens everyone can have a look at private gardens and yards.

Very often I discover events not looking for them but just waiting for something/someone and looking around. There is a brochure, sometimes a poster or the Internet shows something up. Our mighty Father Google knows all what out hearts wish!

There are a few days around the year that private gardens open their gates to guests. From June to October there is always the first Sunday, there is one whole weekend in the first month and a promising Long Night of Gardens. So I guess it will be with lights.

The first garden we went to was actually the one we liked most. At the Café Falkenhagen we really had a big surprise: the most various garden design you can imagine. Several lakes, a lot of areas with benches with view on a lake, view on a flower bed, view into the green, view into the distance, a playground for children and a wonderful cafeteria with tables in the garden under trees in the middle of millions of flowers. In short words: a dream of a garden. The many decorations were mainly made with old windows and ‘rubbish’.

The next one was in Labenz. The garden is awarded and under monument protection. I guess it is because of the old farm house, very beautiful from outside, I just can imagine from inside. The garden itself is a wide and open old farmers garden with even a kiln for baking goods and some chickens running around in open spaces. One of the owners greeted me nicely meowing.

We tried two other gardens but they were closed due to the Corona story. We went to another place to have a coffee, just sitting outside with a fantastic lake-view. And the last photo with the roses in the sky was at my friend’s garden, who should open as well for public as she has a real dream-garden, incredibly beautiful and original.

I hope I can do it for the garden night, it would be very interesting to see those beauties with lights.

Herzogtum Lauenburg, Schleswig-Holstein/Germany:

For further information:
Here the official website of the Aktion offener Garten (in German)

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