Until the Last Crumb – about a Fig Tart that disappeared in Minutes

To my surprise this year I had some figs big enough to harvest. I didn’t wait this time until the birds had their fig parties – I picked them even though they could stay a little longer to be more ripe. I didn’t want to risk it! There are still loads of figs on the trees – I have three. Let’s see if I will have more..

I decided to make a quick fig tart. Just some short pastry, fig jam and vanilla custard. All in layers, decorated with figs on the top. Served cold this little quick-treat is really delicious. So delicious that it finished super fast in one evening and all was gone. Just crumbs left for breakfast. OK, I had guests, but just a couple, not too many for a whole cake!

Short pastry is something you can make ahead and store in the fridge for several days. This way you are always ready for a fast treat when friends and relatives show suddenly up.

Here you find the recipe for the short pastry.

In this article you will find the recipe for the custard.

For the jam you find the recipe here. I only added seabuckthorn juice to make it more fruity.

If you are addicted to whipped cream: make some whipped coconut cream and put it on top of all.

With the remaining short pastry I tried a new cookie cutter 😀

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  1. Hasi says:

    Nice Kitty Kookie Kutter :-))

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