Two days escape to Palm Springs

The time before Christmas was super busy. One invitation after the other, dinners, lunches, parties… it was nearly exhausting for me as I am not used to so much outgoing and I wanted really some time alone with my partner. I had the idea to go somewhere for a few days. Nearby, not far away, just far enough to be together for a while.

I had the option of Joshua Tree Park or Palm Springs. I chose the last one as I thought that in the end of December a city would be better than a wonderful National Park with hikes and nights under the stars.

I heard of course about Palm Springs. But didn’t know anything about it. My boy-friend told me it was once the place for the rich of the riches from Hollywood and Los Angeles and now more a community for same gender couples. Well, I didn’t notice that when I was there, but maybe because I am not aware about certain things.

Palm Springs is a desert resort within the Coachella Valley. For about 400 years there lived the Cahuilla people before white settlers in the mid of the 19th century came to stay here. The area has hot springs which gives a fertile land and also today one of the reasons of many Spas.

Another reason is the dry climate that is good for certain health conditions. This brought more hotels and Spas in the area.

During WW II it had an important role as military air base and later it became famous especially for the architecture known as mid-century modern. Open spaces, long glass walls, air-conditioning and the first time wall-to-wall carpeting. I like the open spaces with outside patios like living rooms and of course the huge windows that make one feel like being in the environment.

To me it seemed a very touristic place with uncountable shops, high prized as well as for normal people, uncountable restaurants and for sure no less hotels, b&b and more. We staid a little outside at La Quinta in an Air B&B which was the best choice ever.

I haven’t seen the Movie Colony where I could see estates from Hollywood stars like Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope or even Estée Lauder.

I thought the structure of the visitor center is very interesting. We could book ere some tours like one for the many celebrity villas, but we didn’t.

There are many cultural events during the year that are worth to see. During the few days we stayed here there was nothing

We had a wonderful morning here to go around, see the many shops and the center of the city. Later in the evening we came back for a night stroll and a great dinner in a restaurant. We enjoyed our stay inside the city and in its surroundings with breathtaking landscapes.

I think the place is much more than worth to go for a few days, maybe more in summer, when the life is outside and packed with people from all over the world. For us it was perfect the way it was, less people, more calm and relaxing, no traffic stress and hours to wait for lunch or dinner.

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