Travemünde Seen from the Giant Wheel

Last time when we were in Travemünde in the northern region of Schleswig-Holstein in Germany we had the opportunity to go on a giant or Ferris wheel. As a child I loved riding them, as well as all the other fast running amusement park rides. Today I don’t like anymore the super fast and I tend to be lightly acrophobic. My sweetheart has the same feelings and the friend of mine who would have liked to go on the giant wheel as well is really acrophobic. But… we are adults and also very tough… we did it!

My friend had a glass of good champagne before going, my sweetie and me were just strong. So one sunny late morning before lunch (which would be the award for our braveness) we just met in front of the wheel.

Now you ask why would we want to do something like that if we are afraid of it. The answer is easy: the view from 50 m high above ground level and the photos. And I think you can see what I am talking about.

We had only this day as it was the last one before it would disappear from Travemünde. And therefore we sat in the comfortable cabin and tried all the three of us to be calm. The first round was a little tough, but round after round it was better. And the photos were more than worth it.

And yes, we had a wonderful super yummy lunch later at the port, sitting right in front of the sailing boats in the sun. Relaxing from our braveness. We are sooo good!

Enjoy the photos!

Travemünde, Schleswig-Holstein/Germany:

For further information:
The wheel video on YouTube

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