To Weed Or Not to Weed, a Gardener’s Dilemma – Weed Appreciation Day!

Oh, that unwanted plants in the garden! Weed seems to never die and it always comes out where you don’t want it. You just can’t get rid of it. Chickweed, purslane or dandelions – you just don’t want them in the middle of the lawn, the flower bed or under the lilac. The World Weed Appreciation Day wants to remind you that those plants are much more than unwanted garden invaders.

Every year on the 28th of March we celebrate worldwide our weeds which are beneficial to us and the ecosystem. They are so much more than most of us think and can be eaten, have most of the time beautiful flowers, help other plants to grow healthy and gives us a great health boost. They are packed with vitamins and minerals, micro nutrition at its best. Also used in health care and as medicine they are very effective and you should think about the foraging movement.

Wayne Dyer once said: “The only difference between a rose and a weed is judgment”. It is so true. What for me is weed, for you is it a beautiful flower, a powerful medical plant or just so good in your salads.

Did you ever heard about borage seed oil? Clover is not only intriguing to search for the 4th leaf on the same stem, but it’s great as blood cleanser. Wild rose hips are used for herbal teas. Nettles are already used also in industrial cosmetics for shampoo or creams, helps with hair growth, against dandruff and is detoxifying. Dandelions are great to regulate blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and helps to reduce weight. Their are so many others, they are all great for your health and you get them even for free. I started my weed loving journey with ground elder. I just didn’t want it and didn’t know how to get rid of it. Then I started to use it as spinach, cooked and in smoothies. Now I just love it and in addition I reduced it in the garden significantly.

I think weed is also something to think about because it always comes through again, it grows everywhere, no matter how the conditions are. Life goes on! These plants are really strong, a good example for us to be strong, believe in ourselves and always grow even where others maybe think it is impossible.

You should celebrate this day by just learning about the benefits of the weed you have in the garden and maybe start to eat them in salads, cook them like spinach or use the right one for an insect’s bite. Weed doesn’t exist, it is you to decide what plant you don’t want in your garden and call it then weed. It’s our last source for healthy food, guaranteed without GMO and still with all the vitamins and minerals as millions of years.

Every country has its own weed perception, what are the ones in your country? Go in your garden today, look for the most undesired plant you think is really nuisance. Look up the name of it and the benefits. Start to use it! Let’s celebrate our strong plants!

For further information:
Just a few Plant Identification apps for your Smart-phone:
Flora Incognita

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