To Arrive or Not to Arrive (A Package Tracking Story)

A few days ago I ordered some books on the Internet. Then I got the email of the arrival.

Me, email to a friend: How fun is that? I just clicked on the tracking web page of a courier for my amazon package. It shows a road map and where the courier is right now. I can follow him on my computer! He is just a few blocks away, only another 2 stops before me.

Me, thinking: Yuppieh, soon he will be here. I already can dress to go out soon, that’s perfect!

My friend, email to me, joking: The route of your package:
   Warehouse Pingopongo-south
   Highway rest-area Pingopongo-north
   Highway rest-area Sity
   Restaurant The Wild Boar
   Bar The Great View
   Police station Metropolita

Your package will arrive 48 hours later.

Me, looking on the map, thoughts: Why is he going now to the next village instead of coming here? That doesn’t make sense, he was just two blocks further. OK, maybe I see something wrong here.

Me, email to my friend: That’s funny, it seems right the way you were joking before. He just decided to go to another village instead of driving two blocks down to deliver the package here.

My friend, email to me: He is looking for you! You can follow him, but his GPS doesn’t work! Technical failure!

Me, email to my friend: Yes, it looks like that. But the 2 stops are done, let’s see what happens now. On the map it looks like he started to move and stopped again a few houses later. Or his girl-friend called or maybe he is having a sandwich.

Me, thoughts: Why is he not moving? It’s more than 5 minutes he is in the same place. So I am right, call or sandwich.

My friend, email to me: What did you order?

Me, email to my friend: Just 2 books.

Me, thoughts, observing the map: Ah, he is finally at the traffic light. Please turn right now. Hey, right I said, not left! Why did you turn left?? And why are you going back the same road now? How did you turn that way there? What a stupid thing!

Me, email to my friend: The driver maybe had really something to drink or maybe reading my books! He left the road he was before and turned into the same road again!

Me, thoughts, still observing the moving dot on the map: Oh, finally he turned right, now he is on the right road and on the way here!

My friend, email to me: He is reading your books! I think this tracking the package on a map is not a real good idea for you.

Me, email to my friend: No, definitely NOT! He turned on the highway now and is going to the next city! I need to go before I get a heart attack!

Me, writing a letter to the courier:

Dear courier, After you have been two blocks away, just to drive over to the next village and now you are in another city and after I am sitting for half an hour dressed in coat and boots waiting for you, thinking you will arrive in a few minutes, I need to leave. I beg you to leave the package at my neighbour’s or alternatively in the garage. Thank you! I wish you a nice weekend …

The books arrived an hour later, when I was out. To follow a courier on his way to deliver my order I won’t look on a map again! I swear!

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