The Wild Life in my Backyard

Wild animals in my backyard – sounds like I would have lions and hippos there. In a way it is actually less spectacular from that point of view. But still spectacular and amazing. From pigeon to green finch, from seagull to squirrel … there is a lot going on in my backyard.

I am living currently (well, always) in a green area of a little town and there are a lot of local birds and other animals. And as I am feeding the birds, I see them a little closer than oftentimes other people do. I have the bird feeder right in front of my kitchen window.

I think the seagull is the most ‘naughty’ one as I would like to feed the smaller birds, the ones that are more endangered, but every morning the seagull arrives and tries to get the most of all. I am trying a few strategies for the smaller birds and it seems it works. So both get enough.

Pigeons like to sit on the rain gutter, it is particular funny when at the open window my cat sits and they look at each other, the pigeon visibly trying to figure out if there is any danger or not.

Let’s go and see some wild animals!!

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  1. Millie says:

    I find seeing wildlife by my house to be very relaxing, enjoyable, and entertaining. I like your good looking bird feeder, and the great picture of the upside down pigeon, as well.

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