The Last Day in Vienna

This winter the last days of the old year, I was the very first time in Vienna/Austria. My man wanted so much to visit a Christmas market but in Italy all markets were already gone when he arrived in Europe. So in Vienna we were lucky to have the chance to go even to a few. This way he had Glühwein (molted wine) and all the typical food. He loves the atmosphere and the lights. I like that, too.

But we had more than that. We had a wonderful sight-seeing tour through the inner city which was once surrounded by city walls. An Imperial city with huge palaces which actually were/are houses for people with a little more money than the average. We saw the famous Lipizzaner school right in the middle of the city, the park were they are sometimes brought to graze, we saw the Augustin Gasse, of whom I know a song (Augustin was actually a poor man who fell into a pit with dead bodies during the black death and came out without never getting the disease, a miracle).

We saw a beautiful Orthodox church and we have been in a typical Wiener Kaffeehaus, where I learnt that it is a tradition that the waiter is unfriendly. I liked the Kaffeehaus, not so much the tradition.

We were sitting on the tram putting our noses up against the window to see all those beautiful Christmas lights in the streets. We had some pan cakes in a famous little restaurant where I could have even gluten-free pancakes. I just jumped in this indulgence.

I liked the special atmosphere in the shopping mall Palais Ferstel. Obviously a shopping place for people with only big money. I liked more to see all these Krapfen. Typical for markets.

It was a perfect day to close the old year and jump into a fantastic new one!


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