The Garden of Ragnaia at San Giovanni d’Asso

I needed to have a break from medieval cities and go into the nature. Sometimes it’s overloeading with history and architecture and numbers. And I found a peaceful place near to San Giovanni d’Asso: il bosco della Ragnaia (the woods of spider net).

These gardens are a master peace of art. It is created by Sheppard Craige, an American artist in 1996 and is in continuous evolution. Walking under these tall oaks is like diving in something mysterious. Every some time I find a sign, just saying one or two words like ‘Se Non Qui Dove? (if not here where?) Not always they are seen immediately, sometimes half hidden under foliage or wood flowers.

Silence – that is just the emotion that goes through my body while walking here. Silence that touches my soul. Just interrupted by thousands of songs by the birds. A cuckoo somewhere. I saw a lot of them thinking they are pigeons.

The artist has not only enigmatic thoughts to discover but also handy art. Here and there are some terracotta works with beautiful animals, devils and other figures on different vases.

I found an altar of Sceptisicm. Something symbolizing the universe and an oracle of .. myself? The sense I had was the the artist wanted to express not his view of the world but his opening to all kind of interpretations.

Craige talks about sages who one upon a time ruled the woods. Where are they gone now?

I found it very interesting that at the entrance (with a small parking place) there are written some rules for walking in the woods. Rules that are very reasonable and I think coming automatically by finding every step more peace.

These gardens were also in TV, on books and magazines and nominated one of the best gardens in Italy. I would say: they are worth to go because they are unique.

Il Bosco della Ragnaia, San Giovanni d’Asso/Italy:

For further information:
Il Bosco della Ragnaia

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