The Best Pâtisserie of Ischia – Fratelli Calise in Forio

Do you love ice-cream? Or have a sweet tooth and can’t resist a real good bite of a cake? Do you think you have tasted already all the best sweets in the world? If you have never been to this cafeteria in Forio on the island Ischia in the south of Italy I can assure you missed the best!

Tourists from all over the world and especially from the US and Germany are coming to here in summer to have the best ice-cream and in the winter to taste the best hot chocolate and cake. And also if there is a celebration during your holidays you will find a perfect master to prepare any kind of cake you wish.

I have been here again now during Christmas time. I do have another special reason: I am nearly family with the owners of this great place. So one of my first visits is always in the bar and cafeteria in the tiny piazza of Forio. And this time I found all the vivid colors for x-mas in the display cases. The sweets are made mainly with sugar and have a great taste about almonds as well.

The pastry shop was found a few generations earlier and the young owners of today are walking with the modern times and know what people are longing for. I was there when they opened this comfortable and cozy place only in the early 1990s where inside one can sit also on a balcony and observe the bar life at the desk from below.

I found these little ‘befane’ just a few days before Epiphany Eve. The ‘befana’ is an old witch with a broom and is similar to Santa Claus. She brings sweets and gifts to good children and coal and lump to the bad ones.

The whole cafeteria was full of gifts, the feast feeling was in every step.

The cafeteria offers all kind of coffees and drinks, one can sit inside and have also some cake, ice-cream or cookies.

In summertime there is a great variety of different ice-creams. I talked to the chef and asked him to offer next summer an almond ice-cream without diary and sugar. I am looking forward to try it! I LOVE almond ice-cream!

Of course I had also a look backstage. The laboratory is just in the back of the structure and can be visited when asked and there is not too much work.

Here the preparations are always on high level because everything is fresh made. Every day.

The sfogliatelle are made of puff pastry with a ricotta and citron filling. Fresh, then frozen to be baked at the moment. Very, very tasty and very, very Napoletanian.

Another very tasty and light cake is a ‘millefoglie’ (thousand layers). It’s puff pastry with vanilla or chocolate cream between every disk. I love this cake a lot but still have to try it in the paleo diet style.

That was a great discussion I had with the owner of the pastry shop. I talked a lot about the no-sugar-no-grain-baking and hope he will try out some of these. I brought some Christmas sweets to him made at home without sugar and flour and he liked them a lot and maybe in spring we (I will help a little bit) will start to try out some for the summer season just to see if they work in a commercial way. I believe that people will be happy to eat a cake without carbs when having a cappuccino! Topped with coconut cream maybe…?

If you are visiting Ischia don’t miss to come to Forio and have an espresso and a nice cake or maybe ice-cream in the cafeteria Fratelli Calise. And if you have a special occasion to celebrate: here is the right place to order a special cake. It is more than worth!

Forio d’Ischia, Campagna/Italy:

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    und wo ist das probierpaket?!;-)))) das ist doch alles sooooooooooooo lecker!!!

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