Spring Feelings and Flowers

Looking out of the window I see snowflakes  instead of snowdrops.

And I start to dream about colorful flowers under a warm sunshine.

Crosus everywhere on lawns, in parks, in flower pots.

Looking at my tulips in a vase on my table they seem the only ones to fight the winter white outside.

And thinking about last week the sunny day in the park where I discovered these beautiful yellow eranthis.

I am waiting for the end of winter cold snowy days and hoping for a warm sun on my skin, colors everywhere and birds singing in the trees.


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4 Responses to Spring Feelings and Flowers

  1. regina says:

    very nice, che bello, prachtig, très bien, krasiéwyi, sehr schön!!! und lieber frühling laß dich doch bitte endlich blicken!!!

  2. Tolle Bilder hast du von den Blumen aufgenommen.

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