Sleeping at the Dike

It has been decades that I’ve wanted to go to do some hiking in the mudflats, the North Sea Watt. It is something very special when the sea water level decreases and leaves the sea bottom without water, the also called tidal flats. I remember that from when I was a child and was there once with the school. I always wanted to go there again with my dog… and I never had the possibility when he was alive.

Now I don’t have a loving dog anymore to go with, but a loving man. And I took the occasion to show him something very special for the northern German area. I booked a room for two nights at Sankt Peter Ording, one of the strategical best places to go hiking at the North Sea.

I chose a place near to the sea but outside the very busy and touristic Sankt Peter Ording. I found a wonderful place at Tating, a one-minute walk to the dike and a 3-minute drive to SPO.

The house is an old farm house. High ceilings, beautiful entrance with a porch, big rooms… just the way I remember the houses in my childhood. The house is surrounded by barns, sheep in the garden work as lawn mowers, cows are grazing on the meadows and a horse was greeting us.

The people are very nice. A young woman came to show us the room, the little daughter looking at us newcomers. The mom explained how it works with the keys and how to go to SPO.

Personal experience:

The room was a little apartment. The entrance room had a little kitchen with all facilities one needs and a dining table. The living room area was nice and cozy. The big windows give a lot of light and views to the garden. A nice, clean and new bathroom – very important to me – and a nice little bedroom. Definitely a place where one can stay for vacation.

The Wi-Fi was good and my sweetie could use his smartphone which normally doesn’t work in Europe due to his payment plan.

I had a walk to the dike which is just a minute walk from the house. The sheep on the dike were all looking at me. I think they are very funny animals! Later we walked a little on the dike and relaxed in the middle of the sheep, looking over to the sea and enjoying the wind.

I recommend:

The North Sea is famous for its wind. To sit on the dike with the sheep and inhale the strong, fresh air, feeling the wind blowing in your hair knowing after that it will take ages to get out the mess, to watch the sun going down over the Watt… that is something special.

We had an afternoon in SPO just strolling around in the center. In the morning we had a wonderful walk along the beach. I think it is the largest beach at least in Europe, more than 2 kilometers just to arrive at the shore. As it is a protected area, you pay a fee to enter. But that is useful for many more things to do in the area.

The Info-Center is worth going to. Of course, they speak English, and they give you some good tips what to do in the town and also in the surroundings. We went in the evening to an organ concert in the local church. It was very nice.

If you need a supermarket: right at the beginning of SPO there is a shopping area on the right, with Lidl, Aldi, Rewe and the Kaufhaus Martin Stolz where you can find a lot of souvenirs for a better price than in the town center. We had a quick and yummy lunch at the Küstenkantine in the same place.

Tating, Schleswig-Holstein/Germany:

For further information:
A little bit about Sankt Peter Ording (in German)
Bauernhof (on Airbnb)

25881 Tating

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  1. Diane says:

    Looks like a great vacation spot. Love the sheep with their huge wooly coats. Are those theater seats in the living room?

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