Rusty Animals in the Desert

So I have seen the wildflowers during spring that were really spectacular and magic to me this time I had another astonishing surprise. One of the most wondrous things I have seen are huge rusty sculptures in the middle of the desert near to the Anza-Borrego Visitor Center. But there is a reason for…

More than hundred full-sized metal sculptures are seen as far the eye can reach. They are inspired by living beings that once roamed the area even millions of years ago. Prehistoric mammals, dinosaurs, historical characters and a serpent which seems to me a dragon are ‘moving’ around in a landscape that looks like being on the moon.

The artist Ricardo Breceda created all these sculptures after Dennis Avery, the land owner of Galleta Meadows Estates, asked him to create free standing art. These steel constructions over the time got the rusty yellow brown color I think that matches so good with the environment.

We saw horses ‘running’ in the middle of fields, a camel mommy with her baby, dinosaurs coming against us and a serpent that looked to me like a dragon. And was the most fascinating to me. Especially the head, really well worked into the tiniest detail.

When you drive to the visitor center you can’t miss them, but when seen from far they sometimes seem to be strange, like “Hey, what’s that coming against us? Is it moving? Looks like a dino..” It makes you feel like in a movie, Jurassic Park alive. Especially in the heat of the summer, when already the air is moving everything you look at and often a ‘Fata Morgana’ appears.

It is worth to take a brochure at the visitor center and to drive to see most of them, there are around 130, to much maybe to see them all unless you want.

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California/USA:

For further information:
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

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