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  1. Before you start, wash the apple and orange and beginning from the middle cut 2 thin slices of the orange and 2 from the apple.
  2. Wash the white cabbage, take away the two outer leaves, cut the stem out.
  3. Cut the cabbage in 4 pieces. Now cut all the four into thin slices in order to get long, thin cabbage pieces.
  4. Transfer the cabbage into a big enough bowl, add the salt (10 g per kg, if the cabbage is 1.3 kg the salt should be 13 g). Now start to knead the cabbage. After a few minutes all starts to get wet, the cabbage starts to catch out its liquids. Knead at least 6-10 minutes.
  5. Leave the cabbage for a while, meanwhile you prepare two middle seized jars with a lit. They should be cleaned perfectly.
  6. Now put the cabbage in both jars, add 1 slice of orange and 1 slice of apple and 2 bay leaves. I put them along the side. Now press the cabbage as much as you can in the jars, the liquid coming out should cover everything. Cut a thicker apple or orange slice and lay on the top. If the liquid is enough to still cover all, perfect, if not put a weight on the top (a clean stone for example).
  7. Put the lit on and leave the jars for a few days at room temperature. Every day take of the lit to leave gas out (bacteria at work!). After 4-5 days put the jars, firmly closed in a cool, dark place for the next 2 weeks. After that time the Sauerkraut is already lightly sour. The more you wait, the better it gets.
Recipe Notes

To make your own Sauerkraut is good for your (gut) health, but also a s a gift a great idea!

Try the Sauerkraut with different spices, fruits. Experiment with your favourite tastes!

Try also red cabbage or any other. You can also mix different cabbages or other vegetables. The procedure is always the same. 

You can cook/warm up the Sauerkraut and serve with meat and potatoes or serve as salad.

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