Painting with Petra

I have a wonderful friend since our photo exhibition one year ago. She is such a great photographer and I loved how she presented her only 4 photos. She impressed me with her art but as well as person. She is very tall, a beautiful woman inside outside. When I asked her why she never became a model she answered she is too tall. I didn’t know that models can be also too ‘high’…

This friend of mine – Petra Krabbemeyer her name – is not only a blessed photographer but also a great painter. Artist in any way. When I visited her in her home I wandered around to have a look to all her paintings. They are full of colors and bright, shining from inside, like herself.

So a while ago she invited me to come over when I am in Germany to see her ‘lessons’. These are more sessions, meetings with people who don’t know each other and sit together for painting.

Initially I wanted just to see and maybe take some photos, then I decided I will try to paint on a canvas as well. I love painting on walls, decorated always the houses I lived in for a while. Canvas is different. Here I have a white space to fill with colors and no surroundings that have to match. Paintings on walls are for me a decoration to the surrounding room which already has furniture, a ceiling, a floor. It is easier – for me. This time instead…

After introducing ourselves we all could choose between different seizes of canvas and Petra would only clean brushes, giving some opinion when asked, cooking coffee and taking some photos.

I just took the colors I have in mind for weeks – and with which I want to paint a room. I put those colors on the canvas and some butterflies. That’s all. I had no real idea. I liked a lot the feeling of the brush going over the canvas, a tail of color behind. I was fascinated by the paintings of the others. How easy they put colors on the surface, combining different shades, having sometimes obviously something in their mind and then a different outcome.

A break and some more painting hours later we had a look to all our paintings. One of us changed the position of every painting and the rest of us talked what we see inside. That was amazing. Paintings upside down, on the right, on the left and as painted.. they always look different! Some tried to express their mood, their inner turmoil or brightness. I used pastel colors, I think I am light and bright.. or seeking at least for it.

It was a wonderful experience and I confess I will go again if there is any possibility. We paid just a little contribute for colors, canvas, coffee and alike. I brought a cake (paleo, prepared the day before).

I am happy I tried it and maybe I will buy some canvas for home and try it again. Maybe something more realistic… I will see.

Anyone who is in the area and wants to do something really special should go to Petra’s painting sessions. She is doing this once a week (weekend), has only limited places (up to ten) and is doing this from spring to fall in her beautiful garden. Only during wintertime she has this place in the youth and educational establishment. She speaks English and you can write her an email. She will be happy to have you with her paintings. BTW your paintings are yours and the session is a whole afternoon!

Klingberg, Schleswig-Holstein/Germany:

For further information:
Creart (in German)

Jugend- und Bildungsstätte Klingberg
Fahrenkampsweg 7
23684 Scharbeutz

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