Nature in an Afternoon Car Drive

What do you do when you are not allowed to go far away from the place where you currently live and there is nothing open to go to? Exactly: hop in the car and drive around. That’s what we did. And on a sunny spring day there is nothing better than exploring nature with its beauty.

We drove through nice little villages with a handful of houses, mostly old thatched-roofed houses and with beautiful front gardens/yards. I love especially the dry stone walls with low growing flowers. Look at the wall I took a picture of, isn’t it beautiful?

The many alleys start now to put their young light-green dress on. In summer they give a lot of shade and oftentimes are like tunnels made of trunks and leaves.

Shetland ponies, deer, storks, grey herons and many other animals we saw in the fields. Nature at its best! We took hundreds of photos, here are some of mine.

Let’s celebrate nature!

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