Meow – Today is International Cat Day!

There are celebration days for everything, of course there is one for our beloved felines: On the 8th of August there is the International Cat Day.

International Fund of Animal Welfare created the day in 2002. It is called also World Cat Day and has national celebrations, National Cat Day, as well on various days during the year, it depends by the country. The idea was to raise awareness for our felines, to help and protect the house cats as well as the wild ones.

This is THE day to put photos and videos of our inmates, our friends. Cats are the companions who easily see us as can/tin openers who are strange in their behaviours. Most people think cats love to be on their own, but the truth is, that they love to be in company. My cats have never ever gone to sleep in the evening unless everyone was at home. They all would sit at the door/window to look out for the last one running home.

Let’s celebrate International Cat Day together with some photos.

Do you have a cat? Or are you more a ‘dog-person’?

Be sociable, tell others!
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