Mental Lock-down

With all these lock-downs, or shutdowns which would be more accurate to say, I feel not only physically put apart but also mentally in a certain way. Mentally because my input has to come from what I read in Internet and books. Social distancing is more a social avoiding for me. Not to drive wherever I want, not museum, no shops, no events, it all is a restriction of input. And it has nothing to do with having or not having hobbies, though having helps tremendously. Especially having a blog that is mainly about travels, right now it is more empty. I hardly leave the house and garden, go just for shopping once a week and the rest I read, and read, and read… good old paper books. A few times I visit a friend of mine nearby and her garden is always an inspiration. So it happens that I bring my camera and I click a little around. The result is what follows.

They bring a little brightness in the daily emptiness waiting to have one day far far away again the possibility of some travel input, just nearby, the own region is already enough.

Cooking or baking could be an option, but I can’t overload my friend with my cookery and baking goods all the time. And I don’t feel to do it just for me.

Stay healthy and don’t forget: the virus is something you have to fight, with good health and strong immune-system, don’t run away! You will never win otherwise.

Be sociable, tell others!
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